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Senior Tyrone Ezell

July 17, 2013

Question: Coming in to your second year as a starter, what are your expectations personally? What are you looking for out of yourself?

Tyrone: I'm just going out there with the mindset that I'm going to dominate and do whatever I can to help my team and win the game. I feel like I need to go out there and be more explosive and more aggressive than I was last year, and leave it all on the field because this is my last season of college ball.

Question: You and Aaron Donald form a phenomenal interior D-line. Do you guys talk about being the best D-line in the nation? Is that something you set your goals on; the impact you guys can have on a game?

Tyrone: We don't talk about it much, but we do tell each other when someone wants to slack off or doesn't want to work, `Are you trying to be good or great?' We keep ourselves motivated so we can be the best interior D-Line possible, but we really don't talk about the subject. We just keep each other motivated and keep the guys around us motivated as well.

Question: Tell me something specifically you have been working on this off-season in your game to get better at.

Tyrone: What I have been working on is my hand placement and my footwork. I've been working on getting my hands better and staying on my feet. I have also been working on my condition.

Question: This is year two under head coach Paul Chryst and defensive line coach Inoke Breckterfield. Specifically with coach Breckterfield, how has he helped you develop has a player?

Tyrone: He has helped me because he is real with me. He makes me give maximum effort on everything I do. He will never make you accept anything if he doesn't think it was good, and he doesn't shy away from telling you. He taught me that I have to prove I can do this, I can be great and I can give 100% effort. They always say `You can coach technique, but the effort is on you.' He gives us a mentality that we have to go hard every play or else we are going to hear from him. I don't like getting yelled at so that just makes me motivated to go.

Question: What is something we don't know about Tyrone? What is something you like to do when you are not on the field?

Well I think everyone on campus knows I like country music. I know that might be a shocker though.

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