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Aug. 8, 2013

Pitt Football Training Camp

Media Quote Sheet



Head Coach Paul Chryst

Opening statement:

"Today was the first day in pads. We had some nice hustle; it was good. We've got to work on some more things. There were some good things, but we got sloppy at the end so we have to improve there. Day three is over and we're looking forward to day four."

On practicing with pads:

"It doesn't change our approach. We should be able to get the same quality of work in with or without shoulder pads."

On young offensive linemen:

"The effort from them is good. Guys are coming to work."

On defensive back Trenton Coles:

"He's shown that he can make plays. The next evolution of growth for him is doing that consistently. If he can make plays and do it consistently, then he'll show that he's ready to go play. For everybody it's an important camp, but certainly for guys like that coming off a redshirt year it's a chance to truly compete for a role."

On running back Isaac Bennett:

"I like him. He's got a good approach. It's still really early, but we're certainly not disappointed or discouraged by him. His approach doesn't change whether he's first team or second team. As a player, the only thing you can control is your approach and I think he's done a good job with that."

On running back James Conner:

"We're excited James is here. We have to see what things fit his skill set. There's a lot that goes into learning an offense. We've certainly been pleased at this point with what he's done and how he's handled it, and he needs to keep going. He's certainly earned the reps he's getting and he's getting quite a few."

On the freshmen learning the terminology:

"Today was a day that it could kind of jump on them, and I think it showed. There's a number of them still thinking. There's a number of them handling the volume of learning well. That's a hard thing for them. They just need to keep grinding through it. I do like their approach. They know it's coming, but they just have to keep working through it."

On today's practice:

"I love how our guys came out and practiced today. I don't love all the results, but they earned the right to practice again tomorrow. I like how these guys are approaching business."

On Rachid Ibrahim working at running back:

"He's earned the right to keep getting more reps. I like that line." (laughs)


Running Back Isaac Bennett

On being patient as a runner:

"Every year Coach (Desmond) Robinson says the same thing and so does Coach Chryst, so it just gets in your brain."

On whether he has a chip on his shoulder:

"Yeah, in a way. We have a great legacy at running back and I just want to let everybody know that we're going to continue to keep it going, keep the tradition going."

On whether his preparation for games changes with the depth chart:

"You keep the same goals in mind and continue to get better every day. I just play my role."

On his best attribute as a running back:

"I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid of getting in the hole. I'm not afraid of making blocks."


Cornerback Trenton Coles

On what he needs to do to improve:

"Personally, I have to just give into the program. The coaches are doing a great job and we just have to get better, correct mistakes, watch ourselves in today's practice and overall just get better."

Thoughts on his nickel assignment:

"I actually go to corner and the other corner goes to the nickel.  So, I move to the corner. I like it.

On his goals for camp:

"My goals for camp are to just get better, to start -- that's my number one goal -- and to get on as many special teams (as I can). I just want to make the team better and do everything I can for us to be a great unit."


Offensive Lineman Dorian Johnson

On the first three days of camp:

"They've been pretty tough and a lot of information is put in at one time. I have learned a lot. Coach Hueber is a great coach. He corrects us every time we make a mistake and he's tough on us but I'm thinking that it will be worth it."

On the mental part of college football:

"I don't think it's the physical part (that's most challenging), it's definitely knowing the plays, knowing your assignments and going full steam the whole time. You can't do that if you don't know what you are doing."

On his physical readiness for the season:

"Yeah. It feels kind of nice. I mean I don't feel as bad as I did yesterday and we have pads on.  I think I'm ready."

On what upperclassmen have helped him the most:

"Mostly all of them. TJ (Clemmings), (Adam) Bisnowaty, Shane Johnson and Matt Rotheram. They are all helpful."


Cornerback K'Waun Williams

On Trenton Coles and what he is doing to improve this year:

"He struggled a little bit his freshman year to get to know the playbook, but now I think he is trying to pick it up and he is coming into own and making plays."

On the impact of working with former Pitt and NFL corner Hank Poteat:

"It's an honor to just be in the room with him and get his insight. Just pick his brain. It is great to have him on our side."

On knowing of Hank Poteat before coming to Pitt:

"I had heard of his name before, watching him on New England, that's the only time I ever really heard of him. Then I found out he went to Pitt and had a long career. I got excited about that."

"I came to him and wanted to pick his brain...I am ready to learn."

What it means to have a guy around with recent experience in the game:

"It's fun. Coach Hank (Poteat) and Coach (Bobby) Engram, they are always competing. To hear their insight about playing wide receiver and attacking the defensive backs, and the defensive backs how they try to attack wide receivers, I think it is really cool."



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