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Aug. 9, 2010


Opening Statement:

"We had our first complete practice with freshmen and varsity today, and everyone else combined. It was the first time the schedule was a little different. We had walkthroughs this morning and our kids handled that well, dealing with the change. We put the pads on today, and with things being a little bit warmer, we had a descent practice. It wasn't one of our better ones, but nothing happened out there today that cannot be corrected."

On the quarterbacks in a pass-rush situation:

"I think that the best thing about what we have going right now is that Tino Sunseri understands that we have some outlets for him. If Jon Baldwin is covered, we have Cameron Saddler who's having a good camp, we have Mike Shanahan, Henry Hynoski and we have Dion Lewis. We have a lot of avenues that are going to be available for getting rid of the football. I think when you have a first-year starting quarterback it's important for him to know that, and understand it."

On the offensive performance in today's practice:

"We threw a couple of interceptions today that as an offense we can't throw, and we won't throw. There were some good plays by our defense, and we have to give them credit. We have to obviously eliminate the turnovers - that is the priority."

On having competition for the third wide receiver position:

"We do have competition. The guy that has really stepped up and made some plays is (Cameron) Saddler right now. Saddler, Shanahan and Baldwin are the three guys that we know tonight, that they know the offense and they're ready to play.

"Devin Street is having a great camp, and he's going to be in the mix by the time we get to Utah. Greg Cross has been limping around the past few days from an ankle injury, so he's been limited, but he'll be back in the next day or two at full speed. We will have to see where he is at by that time. Then on top of it all we have a couple of young kids. Who knows what will happen there, but we will be fine."

On getting Todd Thomas back:

"The minute he gets those stitches out, which is going to be tomorrow, he'll be back. Hopefully he'll practice tomorrow afternoon. He's doing everything except contact right now. Until they get the stitches out of his elbow, the doctors don't want any type of live contact."

On Greg Romeus and Andrew Taglianetti not participating in practice:

Greg Romeus is just sore, I'm not worried. He worked out inside, he's out here and he's doing fine. If he feels better, we expect him back out here tomorrow. Andrew Taglianetti strained his groin a little bit, and he's fine as well."

On replacing Mick Williams:

"I think collectively we have enough guys to fill that spot. Obviously, I think we have the guys that are capable of stepping up and filling in. There's Myles Caragein, Chas Alecxih--they just have to go out and get it done. We have guys that have the ability to do it, now we just have to make it happen."

On Aaron Donald:

"I'm going to have to change Mick Williams jersey, because to this point the Mick Williams of this training camp has been Aaron Donald. The guy has been in the backfield more than any player on our defensive line the whole camp. I will be real curious to see if he can keep that up. If he continues to perform and do what he's doing, we'll see if we can mix him in with some of the older guys in live scrimmage. He's off to a fast start."

On Tristan Roberts:

"If you go back a little bit, you see that Tristan Roberts is a guy that was a strong safety and running back in high school. He ran a 4.5 or faster, and then we moved him to linebacker and he was a good special teams player for us. Then last year he blew his shoulder out during training camp, so this is his first full year. He had a very good spring, and now he's alternating with first group alongside Greg Williams. I think he's going to have an outstanding year.

"Right now, we have four linebackers. I feel good about Max Gruder, Tristan (Roberts), Greg Williams and Dan Mason. We have four guys right now, and we're trying to build them - the rest of the guys are competing."

On Ricky Gary and the corners:

"It's about experience and knowing the defense. We made more calls today on defense than we would make in any two games during the season. We threw a lot at then today. That's where a guy like Ricky Gary, who has been here for five years, is going to be a little bit ahead.

Dave Wannstedt Transcript From Camp -- Day 3

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