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Aug 13, 2013

Live Wire: Video Interviews and Photos

Pitt Football Training Camp – August 13

Pitt Training Camp Media Quote Sheet 

Quoting Head Coach Paul Chryst

Opening statement:

“It was good to get back on the field. We have some guys who have got to learn how to come off of a little change to the schedule. So we’ll get back on it; we’ve got a second practice tonight. There was some good learning today, but we’ve got to start a little faster. Isaac [Bennett] is still day-to-day; obviously he didn’t practice. Trenton Coles might be able to go this evening. We’ll see. [Brian] Murphy was not here today. He’s getting better.”

On the mentality of two-a-days:

“We try to take advantage of the practice, but maybe not as long. With the length of practice, the one-a-day would be longer than two-a-days. Every time we come on the field, we try to have that mindset that we’ve got to go. I think guys have been pretty good with that. But we’ll still try to get a lot done with both two-a-day practices.

On differences between this year’s training camp compared to last year:

“Certainly with some of the older guys there’s a little bit more comfort with the schematics, and they know what to expect from us as coaches. I think those would probably be the top two things that come to mind.”

On how the depth chart begins to take shape during the second week of camp:

“In the first week, the big focus is on learning and installation. For guys that have been here, it’s as much review as it is new, but you have to be careful with evaluating guys when they’re in a learning stage because everyone learns at a different rate. But now in the second week with the plays in, now we’ve got to polish and detail those plays. Along with that, certainly this is the week where you start to find where each guy’s opportunity for a role on this team will be this fall on the field. Everyone can have a role, but as far as playing, this next week and a half is where you determine your starting point with that. Absolutely this is when the separation does occur and needs to occur.”

On Ejuan Price:

“He’s had a good camp. He’s certainly getting better. I like his approach to it.”

On players dealing with injuries:

“I think those guys are doing a good job. We’ve got to fight through some things like natural soreness in camp. In the big picture, I like that those guys want to be on the field. The best way to get better is by practicing. That part is good. We’ve got a lot of guys who are fighting through the natural bumps and bruises of camp.”

On the comfort level with the defensive backs:

“I think we’ve got some guys back there who can play a lot of football. I like that they’re still working to get better. We all can get better. That’s all you can ask for. We’re getting that effort from a lot of guys.”

On the chemistry of the passing game:

“It’s sporadic. There’s times where we look and say they’re starting to understand the concepts from the receiver’s and quarterback’s perspective. And then there’s obviously times when we say we need more work.”

Quarterbacks Coach Brooks Bollinger:

On how well the players understand the offense and playbook:

“It’s gone pretty well. I think the pictures are there, they are not always crystal clear yet. The communication has been pretty clean, we just have to continue to make that picture more clear and understand the details. Ultimately, understanding the detail and the comfort level is what allows them to play fast and compete at a high level, and that’s just where we’re not quite there yet.”

On a quarterback and how they are working with their main receivers and developing the timing:

“I think you certainly want to be throwing the routes you are going to be throwing and the guys running the routes that are going to be running as we play. With that said, we have all been through this before. We don’t have a huge group to begin with, so you have to be able to back things up and have a feel for multiple guys.”

On the cut-ups and what is being looked at specifically:

“From a quarterback’s perspective, ‘What is their thought process?’ ‘Where are they at in that learning curve?’ I always tell them that the most important thing on each and every rep at this point in camp is just growing and making sure that they are learning on every play. ‘Okay I’ve got a mental picture of what cover 2 looks like on that play. Next time I need to recognize quicker and get to it.’ As long as they are starting to see things, and everyone is at a different place on that curve, but as long as they are continuing to learn from each rep and can expect more each time, then that’s where we will get that level of consistency. I think we are getting to that point now where the play needs to level out.”

On the expansion of the playbook:

“I think there are certain things the guys might be more comfortable with that we are running. A lot of the same concepts and some twist here and there.”

Quarterback Tom Savage

On stepping up the offense during the second week of camp:

“We really need to step it up. The first week we put the installation in. The second week is when we need to get things together and grind it out.”

On how the receivers are doing in camp:

“We all need to keep going back to the film room and clear all of our errors. Our receivers have been doing a great job. Our line has been doing a great job. It is the quarterback’s job to get them the ball.”

On how the first week of camp is going:

“It is going well. I have a lot of room to improve and I am excited to get the season going. During camp you grind out all of the things you need to work on.”

Tight End J.P. Holtz

On how the quarterbacks are doing:

“Our quarterbacks are doing a great job. Chad [Voytik] and Tom [Savage] are picking apart the defense and putting time into film. They are hitting the receivers on the spots they are supposed to. They are doing a great job.”

On how the freshmen are doing in camp:

“The freshmen are doing great. I know it is a hard time to go through all of this right now. I was in that position last year. I know exactly what they are going through. It is hard for them to go out and play right now because they are still learning.  Once they learn everything they can be themselves.”

On how he helps the freshmen:

“I let them know that I am here for them.  If they need something, they can come to me and ask me what to do.  We have a couple freshmen tight ends. I make sure they know what they are supposed to be doing.  I will correct them on what they did wrong and I will make sure they are doing the right thing on and off the field.”

On how excited he is about playing in the ACC:

“I think it is going to be fun. The stadium is going to be a whole different atmosphere. The teams are going to be a lot faster this year so I am excited. The team’s atmosphere around here is already different than last year. I think we are ready to make the transition but we will just have to wait and see.”

Linebacker Ejuan Price

On how he did in today’s practice:

“I never give myself too much credit. I’ll just say I did alright. You can improve some everyday.”

On how camp has gone so far:

“It’s been really good. I’ve been really positive lately. I’ve been upbeat – a little different than normal. I’m trying to stay up and keep encouraging the people around me and keep encouraging myself.”

On why he’s been so happy lately:

“It’s funny. It just feels good to be relevant again. After sitting out last year, I’m back in the scheme and fighting for a spot. I feel good knowing that I’ll be out on the field.”

On what his best attribute as a player is:

“Getting to the quarterback. (The coaching staff), They love when I do that, and I love doing it. I just love getting sacks; I love causing havoc in the backfield.”

On what it feels like to sack the quarterback:

“That’s my favorite feeling in football.”

Tight End Scott Orndoff

On camp versus spring ball:

“I knew it was going to be hard, but there’s no way to prepare for it. Physically it’s just a little bit more demanding than spring ball because we’re getting ready for the season, we’re getting ready to play Florida State in a few weeks, so I just think there’s no way to truly get ready for training camp other than going through it.”

On effort and energy turning into execution:

“Coach preaches effort and he preaches detail on every play we do. We have to be detailed all the way across the board. I think once we get energy and get guys going after it a little bit, and the detail comes in, that’s when we’ll come together and be a good football team.”

On going to the tight ends a lot:

“With the coach’s offense, the tight ends are the focal point, especially in the pass game, so that puts the pressure on us to make sure we’re doing our job and getting to where we have to go, mainly because if we don’t do our job, the whole play can get screwed up.”

On what he’s trying to prove as an underclassman behind another great underclassman J.P. Holtz:

“I’m just trying to get better myself, every day. He got thrown in his freshman year, and he’s gotten so much better from it. I’m just trying to get better every day and be the best that I can be for the start of the season.”

On how tough it is to learn the offense:

“It’s not easy to learn; there’s a lot going on, especially in the tight end positions – a lot of shift motions – you have to learn routes and plays. In the spring I just wanted to learn where I had to be. Now I need to be detailed and focused and learn how I need to make each block, and how exactly to run each route. It’s coming along.”

On mentally preparing himself to get a lot of reps this year:

“That’s all I’m doing. I’m just trying to show the coaches that they can feel comfortable about putting me out there on a Saturday for a game, and I can be able to go against other teams and do my job like I am here at practice. I think the main point is just proving to myself that I can actually play and contribute to the team.”

Pitt Football Training Camp: What They're Saying

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