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Aug. 15, 2010

Training Camp Insider


Opening Statement:

"It was good to get Greg Romeus back today, and to see him working. He didn't do everything, but he came out in pads and worked. He got back in the middle of things, which was good. We expect to do more with him every day, getting him ready to go. Andrew Taglianetti worked today, he was pretty good.

We had a couple of guys get banged up in the scrimmage. Henry Hynoski had a mild concussion, so we held him today. Dion Lewis has a touch of the flu, he was sick, so we held him. Ray Graham didn't practice today. He sprained his knee, so we held him. The only real significant injury is Bryan Murphy. Unfortunately, he got stepped on, and broke a little bone in his foot. He's going to have surgery tomorrow, and it'll probably be six weeks before he's back with us.

It was a good practice today. We're into it now. We haven't had a break, we haven't had a day off and we got better today. I liked what I saw. We had some new guys getting some opportunities today because of the guys that were missing, and they took advantage of it. Today was a good, solid camp practice."

On Ray Graham:

"He's just day-to-day. It's nothing too serious."

On Jon Baldwin:

"He practiced. We held him on a couple of plays, but he did about 80 percent of the practice. We just rested him a little bit."

On reviewing the first scrimmage:

"I thought that it was very sound. Defensively, we didn't make a ton of big plays. I think that we played one front, about three coverages. We were very vanilla. We let the guys play. With four starters being out I thought that it was a very good, solid performance on defense. There were some good things.

On offense, we left some plays on the field, particularly some throws. We had two or three opportunities where we had some guys open, and with the combination of the throw, the route and the protection we just left some pass plays on the field. I thought that overall, the competition was good. Things are getting cleared up.

Alex Karabin is doing a very good job at center, you have to give the guy credit. He's coming along, he's making the calls, he's smart and he's tough. He's doing very well.

Offensive line wise, we're still rotating between Ryan Turnley and Greg Gaskins. We have a battle going on there. Jack Lippert is in the mix as well, he can get some work at guard. Jordan Gibbs got a little bit better at tackle. At linebacker, the one guy that I would mention out of all the younger guys is Kevin Adams. He's making a move, and he got to work some with the second group today. K'Waun Williams is making a nice move at corner. Buddy Jackson had a solid performance in the scrimmage. Having those young guys, like Aaron Donald, gives us a chance to make some plays inside. T.J. Peeler is going to get better every day. We just need to work with some of those young kids."

On the depth of the receivers:

"Between Devin Street, Cameron Saddler and Ed Tinker we have some depth. We have to get (Ed) Tinker more work, get him more involved. Todd Thomas is in the mix too; we're trying to get him as many reps as we can. Right now, with our receiver position, we have kids who have the ability to make some plays. The biggest challenge that we have right now is teaching them what to do, then getting them some playing time and experience.

This week is going to be a grinder week, It's going to be tough. We're not going to come out and back off at all. We're going to come out and be physical. This is training camp, so we need to take a step forward as a football team from an execution standpoint, but also from a couple different standpoints as well."

Training Camp Transcript: Day 9

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