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Aug. 15, 2012

Pitt Training Camp — Day 10 Morning Session Quote Sheet

Quoting Head Coach Paul Chryst

On scuffles in practice:

“We’re fighting around the game, so we can’t reward them with playing; playing is a privilege. They’ve just got to know that it’s self-control. We all know who gets caught. So it doesn’t matter what happened or what started it, you’ve got to have enough self-discipline to not do that to your team. If you’re the one guy that gets caught, 15 (yards), you’re out. I love competitiveness, love all those things, but you’ve got to walk the fine line. I think the best way that you can coach consistently is to coach within the rules. Love the physical nature of it, and I know what happens, I’ve been around before. If you do something after the whistle, and there’s decisions and consequences, no matter where you’re at, between the lines or outside the lines.”

On the improvement he expects to see from his players:

“That’s the whole thing – you want to develop consistency, and consistency is doing the right thing repeatedly. That’s the whole of it.”

On freshman cornerback Jahmahl Pardner:

“I think he’s obviously got talent, and he competes and he takes coaching and he works. And you put all that together and you've got a chance. Now has he arrived yet? Absolutely not. But he’s a guy who I think is getting better and he’s getting comfortable. And when you have success, that gives you confidence. You’ve got a guy that’s got talent, does the right things, works at it, and gains confidence. That’s how you develop a good player.”

On senior wide receiver Joshua Brinson’s development as a player:

“I think he’s been working, and I thought he had a pretty good spring. I thought he might have gotten off to a slow start at camp and I think part of it probably is getting those opportunities that are coming your way. And he’s done that before but because the ball went there it looks like, ‘Oh, he’s emerging.’ The whole thing is there’s a process and you need to judge the process. You don’t judge the results. The results are a byproduct. Success is a byproduct of doing things the right way. And I think he’s trying to do it, he’s jumping in, he’s playing a couple different spots, and that’s what we need right now. We appreciate that fully. And as long as you come out and work, and you pay attention to the things that you can control, then you’ve got a chance.”

On if depth is developing at linebacker:

“We’ll find out, as you go through and practice with them. Because of the guys now that aren’t practicing, then other guys have opportunities, and we’ll see what they do with that opportunity.”

On players sitting out due to injuries:

“Truthfully, you don’t want any of these guys there (not practicing). They want to be healthy and you want them to be healthy. You want them to play. I believe that, and I don’t think there’s one guy over there that doesn’t want to play. Truthfully, (athletic trainer) Rob (Blanc) comes over and tells me and we focus on the guys between the lines. It’s not that we don’t care about them, the guys that are injured, that’s not what I’m saying at all. But you’ve got to trust that they’re going to do everything they can to get themselves back. It doesn’t do anybody any good if they go in before they’re ready. And then we’ve got to focus on the guys that are playing.”

On his thoughts on practice overall:

“I’m not sure there’s not one game film, one practice, that I have been a part of that you don’t honestly say there’s some good, and some bad. You build on the good and filter out the bad. I think we’re right on schedule. Some good, some bad. And it’s cliché-ish but it’s reality. I can pull out 25 clips of really good stuff, and I could probably take the same number tomorrow. Negative plays, they happen, but you’ve got to try to reduce the negatives, and increase the positives.”


Quoting safety back Ray Vinopal

On whether or not the coaches are pushing the players to work harder:

“Absolutely. The practices – I mean camp is grueling. It’s all about staying mentally strong and these guys, these coaches, are definitely pushing us. They know we’re tired, they know we got camp legs and stuff like that but so does everyone. So they’re just looking to see who’s going to fight through it and who’s going to be dependable.”

On thoughts halfway through camp and how much more they need to push to improve:

“Yeah absolutely. Stuff is starting to get a lot clearer and there’s a lot less mistakes. It’s frustrating whenever you make a mistake, but also that’s why we’re out here is to fix mistakes. And mistakes are going to happen, but it’s more important for them not to happen on Saturdays and get it corrected here. That’s what we’re looking to do.”


Quoting redshirt freshman defensive back Lafayette Pitts:

On playing more man-to-man this year:

“We play a lot of man, so my eyes have got to be disciplined on the man instead of the back of the field, because if you’re looking at the backfield, then you can lose the man real easy. Man is fun. You get to compete, get up in the receiver’s face.”

On his relationship with fellow cornerback Cullen Christian as they compete for the same spot:

“We're cool, we're good friends. We’re roommates right now in camp up in Sutherland (dorm). We talk a lot, take notes, and learn off each other’s mistakes. We help each other a lot.”

On Pitt’s wide receivers:

“They’re pretty good. Some of them are out right now, like Shanahan and Street, and some other ones are out there now but they’re hard to watch, because they’re more quick and they can get in and out of their breaks faster, so it’s pretty hard. It’s going to help me a lot, because there’s all different types of receivers we’ve got on the team – fast, small, big – so we've got to work on techniques to get all the positions right.”


Pitt Training Camp -- Day 10 Morning Session Quote Sheet

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