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Aug 16, 2013

Pitt Football Training Camp - August 16

Pitt Training Camp Media Quote Sheet 

Quoting Head Coach Paul Chryst

Opening statement:

"It was fun to get out there. I thought we got a lot done in today's scrimmage. Special teams got some good work. Any time you do this, going offense versus defense, sometimes it's good for one side and not as good for the other. Today was no different. I thought the energy and focus levels were good, but we had some penalties and procedural things that we need to clean up. All in all, I thought it was good work. I'm looking forward to watching the tape."

On Artie Rowell's work ethic:

"You appreciate that. He is a worker. As you get to know someone, the best thing for myself and all of the coaches is to see effort. By his actions, he's earned that label. He's certainly a smart guy and he loves the game. Every coach appreciates that. He's smart enough to know what he needs to do to get better. We appreciate what he does and like him a lot."

On the depth of the offensive line:

"You like depth. I like the way the guys are approaching it. We appreciate what they're doing and what [Coach] Hueber is doing. By no means are we there yet, but we're making some strides."

On guys who didn't play in the scrimmage:

"Devin [Street] got some stuff early, so we held him out of the scrimmage. Trenton [Coles] had to go get something checked. We got better news than we could've gotten. It's one of those things where we want guys to know they're going and prepare them properly. I think we came out of today fairly healthy. We'll find out for sure later. That part is pretty good."

On Todd Thomas:

"He's getting his chances. He's getting back into it. He's glad to be here."

On James Conner:

"At the end, we were working on a back-up segment, so he had to split that one. He's learning. Mistakes aren't necessarily bad because you can learn from them. I thought he certainly did. He ran hard and did some good things. There's still things he's got to keep cleaning up. We're all in that boat."

On having a veteran punter like Matt Yoklic:

"I think it certainly helps. I think he's valuable. He's pretty talented."

On watching film after a scrimmage:

"They're all teachable moments. I thought last night our guys practiced pretty well. The difference was we've got to finish it."

Offensive Line Coach Jim Hueber

On blitz protection:

"If you watch it, we're pretty good on the blitz. We usually do something crazy on the edge where we get our feet crossed over something, but we're getting to the right guys right now. Please let it happen. Let it keep happening."

On Cory King and Matt Rotheram's leadership roles:

"When you are moved into guard, you think, `Oh man, they don't think I can play,' because you were playing tackle. I think now they're learning that there is a reason why they're in there, so they're more comfortable. They can talk to those guys that are out there. They can point to the rush and get the guy in the right spot. They can help the guy lined up next to them."

On the rotation:

"I think we kind of knew what we wanted to do in the spring, so I think we put guys in a position where we felt like they could succeed. I don't think we had to go to camp still looking. I think it was us trying to push them to get better where they were. That's not to say they'll stay there. We're through contact and our two-a-days, and we haven't come out of them with an injury that's kept somebody from practicing. That gives us a chance to keep evaluating and pushing guys."

Quarterback Tom Savage

On how he feels out there:

"I think the last couple practices we've really been making some big strides. I think the timing is getting there. It's going good."

On how scrimmage can help with a live game situation:

"I know scrimmage is definitely helping us get out there as a team, play live and go out there and play fast."

On the offense:

"Obviously you'd always want to improve, but I think we're pretty pleased with how it's working now. I think our offense is doing really well. The offensive line did a heck of a job today protecting and moving the ball."

Defensive back K'Waun Williams

On the expectations of the defense:

"There are big expectations, we have a lot of leadership and we have to come out here and make plays. That is what the defense is built around, a lot of play making."

On setting examples as a veteran player:

"Everybody feeds off of our energy, all the seniors, including Aaron [Donald], Shane [Gordon], Ty [Ezell], Lafayette [Pitts], myself - everybody."

On feeling comfortable in the second year of the new program:

"Yes we're comfortable. Everybody knows what is expected of us and everybody has bought in. It's built around here to succeed and coach Chryst is really doing a good job with it.

On Coach Chryst:

"Coach Chryst is a great coach. He loves his players and he wants the best for us, and that's what we want."

On the ACC schedule:

"It's really good, especially for Pitt. There is a lot of competition and a lot of opportunities to make yourself known in this conference."

Linebacker Anthony Gonzalez

On how he is feeling at linebacker:

"It's good. I feel comfortable, and I like what I'm doing. I'm just working hard every day just to get better."

On his transition to linebacker:

"I don't think it was difficult. The only thing that was different is it's just it's in the box, and I'm going against big guys. That's the only difference from the other positions I've played."

On how he separates himself from other guys:

"Whenever you have to make a play, just make it. Put yourself in a position to make plays, and also put other people in a position to make plays."

Quarterback Chad Voytik

On his reaction to Tom Savage being named starter:

"My first reaction was `Don't let this slow down your progression because this is my time to build and to keep getting better,' so when my name is called I'm ready to step in there and I can do what I'm supposed to do."

On his work in today's scrimmage:

"I got a lot of work. I'm honestly having the most fun I've ever had playing football. I'm starting to see things. I'm reading coverages, I know exactly what my guys are doing and I'm throwing the best I have. So I've just been out the each day, having fun. It's starting to click for me."

On what has helped the most with his progression:

"Film work, honestly. Me and Coach Bollinger have been one-on-one for a while and it's helped me so much because he just breaks it down for me. I can have a simple, clear thought process every play, and then I just let my body take control from there."

On how he treats his development and if he is pushing Tom:

"I think if I'm pushing myself and I'll be pushing Tom as well. That's how I've always looked at it. I need to continue to build myself up and to develop, and it will only help in the long run for me."

Linebacker Shane Gordon

On him always being around the ball:

"I'm just flying around. I feel a lot more comfortable with the playbook than I did last year. When you know what you're doing, you play faster."

On being healthy after dealing with injuries last season:

"It feels good to be healthy. I've just got to stay healthy, keep working and keep pushing myself."

On the confidence of the defense:

"It starts with the senior leadership. Everyone is on the same page. We're starting to gel and click. We all know what's going on, so it seems like everyone is playing faster."

On Todd Thomas:

"Todd is going to make plays. He's been getting reps; he's making them count. We'll get a lot of big plays out of him. Todd is my boy. We're always talking about football. We're always working together."

Defensive end Bryan Murphy

On his job as a defensive lineman:

"I try and give a relentless effort to the ball every play. I try to give a 100 percent effort to the quarterback. I try to do my job as much as I can every play to help my team win."

On what he does to separate himself from his teammates:

"I feel like my instincts have gotten a lot better just from experience. I may do some different things and deviate a bit from doing my job to maybe make an impact in the backfield or down the field."

On how the defensive line battles have been going in camp:

"They have been going pretty well. We have a bunch of good players. Dave [David Durham] has been doing great over at the other end.  Ejuan Price is doing great - he is an awesome pass-rusher. We have a lot of great talent and a lot of depth at the d-end position so we are pretty confident about that."

Defensive Lineman Aaron Donald

On whether there is any extra pressure on him coming into this season:

"No not really. I just try to go out there, get better and play the game. I try to make plays and help my team win.  "

On the defense:

"The defense has a lot of experience. We are a strong defense. We have a lot of playmakers that can fly around and help us make big plays to win games."

On if the team feels more comfortable with Coach Chryst:

"Coach knows what our strengths are and where to put us to be successful as a team. It's working for us right now. We are looking strong as a team."

On Coach Chryst coming into his second season:

"He's a great coach and knows what he is talking about. We listen to him and build as a team to get better."



Football Training Camp: What They're Saying: August 16

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