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Defensive tackle Darryl Render
Aug. 16, 2014

Pitt Football Training Camp

Media Quote Sheet


Head Coach Paul Chryst

On Saturday’s scrimmage:

“It was good. A lot of situations and we got a lot of guys a number of reps that we need to evaluate from. Came out of it healthy, which is always good. Came out of it with a lot of good film. Anytime you scrimmage, even when there’s success, you can cheer from one side and look at the other side and find where we need to clean up and vice versa. So a lot of good situations and things we can learn from. We’ve got to go forward.”

On how the defense stood up against the run:

“I thought they did a nice job there. You look at that and you see some of the details, offensively, why we were struggling. You’ve got to clean that up. Bottom line: I thought the defense did a nice job early on in the scrimmage from the first run.”

On quarterback Chad Voytik:

“I thought he did some things that were alright and a couple we’d want back. Last couple of days we have been doing a lot of situations. He’s made a good tape for himself. I love the way he goes about the study of it. So this will be a good one for him to see and clean up.”

On cornerback Avonte Maddox’s physicality during the scrimmage:

“That was one thing we wanted to see. Anytime with the younger kids. Specifically, Avonte has been doing a lot of good things. We haven’t stressed them on the tackling as much. I thought he did a good job there. It was good to see.

“He’s not afraid to put his nose there. He’s got good technique. He’s been coached that and he’s taking the coaching. Obviously he brought a lot with him here.”

On running back James Conner:

“I thought he was bouncing a little bit in the running game but did some good stuff. Obviously he didn’t change who he is. He’s going to run hard. He did some good things. I think with every guy you’re going to look at his film and have a good teaching tape for him. Things have got to build from there and then we’re good.”

On the running back rotation:

“I think it’s started to clear up a bit now, even team-wise and figuring out where your roles are and what they’ve got to be. Not that they’re set in stone for the whole season but everyone’s got to keep growing. Next week we’ve got to narrow it down a bit. So this will be good film.”


Secondary coach Troy Douglas

On camp progress:

“We’re trying to find the right combination—some guys are stepping up and standing out. We still have two more weeks, so hopefully we’ll be ready by game day.”

On Reggie Mitchell’s position as a safety or cornerback:

“Reggie can play all positions. That’s why he has had a great camp. He’s played nickel, safety and corner. We don’t have a lot of depth so we have to teach players for multiple positions.

“He’s smart, and probably the best in-and-out of breaks, and I knew that when I saw him in the spring. Some of the stuff we teach is technique that’s different, and you didn’t have to coach him. He picked it right up—all you had to do was teach him the game.”

On the youth in the secondary:

“The young safeties are doing okay, too—they’re swimming a bit—I still don’t know if they know they’re in Pittsburgh, but they’ll be fine.”

On Trenton Coles’ progression following a minor ankle injury:

“He’s a work in progress; he’s trying hard. We have two more weeks to get him ready to go.”


Defensive back Reggie Mitchell

On playing both safety and cornerback:

“I can’t complain. Ever since camp started I’ve been playing nickel, corner, safety, so it hasn’t been that big of an adjustment.”

On whether coaches told him before camp they would need him to be versatile:

“Yes, the first day I got here Coach Chryst was letting me know that I was going to be the ‘adjuster’ guy—just wherever they need me to be. I’ve been preparing myself for all different positions.

“Ever since I was in high school I played multiple positions, so this isn’t really that big of a change for me.

“Sometimes my head is spinning, but the more I do it, the more I get used to it and it gets easier for me.”

On competition within the secondary:

“You always want to come out here and compete but, for me, this year I just want to master the playbook, master the positions, and try to get my technique right so I can come out and be the best player I can be.”

On what position Mitchell thinks he plays best:

“I think I’ve been pretty decent across the board. I feel like I’m making a lot of plays at nickel, that’s where I get most of my opportunities.”

On how playing quarterback in high school has helped Mitchell:

“It helps. I try to watch Chad (Voytik) as much as I can—his tendencies, how he comes up to the ball, little things that he does that I used to do. So it definitely helps.”


Running back Rachid Ibrahim

On his performance at today’s scrimmage:

“I’m trying to help the team out wherever I can and make some plays when I have the ball in my hands.”

On his understanding of the offense:

“I have been studying a lot and after a year in it, I feel a lot more comfortable. (I am) really moving along.”

On being a receiving threat out of the backfield:

“If that is what the coaches want me to do, no doubt. Whatever the coaches want out of me, I am going to give 100 percent and go out there and play.”

On his goal-line touchdown:

“That’s what I’ve been trying to work on, being a more complete back. I put about 10 pounds on since last year, so I’ve been trying to show the coaches I can go. Not just on third down, but on first and second if they need me.”


Defensive tackle Darryl Render

On if the defense or offense performed better in today’s scrimmage:

“The defense. Rachid (Ibrahim) had a good run at the end, but we held it down up front.”

On the defensive line today against the run:

“We really take pride in (stopping the run). People are really sleeping on us. Like we said, it is a group effort. I think everybody up front did their job and played well. Of course we have things we have to go over and fix. We have to watch the film, so I think it was a good day today.”

On his interception:

“I knocked one down and picked off a shovel (pass). It kind of just happened. I was right where I was supposed to be and (the ball) just kind of popped up right there.”

On the defense producing turnovers this season:

“That’s one of our biggest things this year. We want to get the ball back in the offense’s hands.”




Pitt Football Training Camp: Day 13 Transcripts

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