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Aug 21, 2013

Pitt Football Training Camp – August 21

Pitt Training Camp Media Quote Sheet 

Quoting Head Coach Paul Chryst

Opening statement:

“As camp winds down, we still like the way guys are going about it. We’ve certainly got to keep practicing, but I like where a lot of the guys are at. We appreciate the whole effort they’ve given to camp. It was good to get Isaac [Bennett] back and get him some work. All in all, it was a productive day. There’s certainly some stuff we’ll see on film that we’ve got to keep cleaning up, but the guys have been getting closer and we feel good about that.”

On Isaac Bennett:

“He’s moving alright. There’s a lot he’s got to keep doing, but it was good to get him back.”

On the depth of the defensive line:

“It’s good. Darryl Render has done some good things. He got some action last year, so he has an idea of what to expect. Q [LaQuentin Smith] is giving us some things. We’re able to get some depth at the end spot, so we feel pretty good right now.”

On the overall depth of the team compared to last year:

“We feel that there are some positions we have some depth. There are some spots that guys are creating niches for themselves. I think we are slowly building.”

On Gabe Roberts and Artie Rowell battling for the starting job at center:

“We’re talking about depth; depth creates competition. There’s nothing better for any athlete than to have to compete for a job. You’re competing to be the best you can be so you can be the best at that position. With Artie and Gabe, it’s been a good competition.”

On linebackers Shane Gordon and Anthony Gonzalez:

“They are having good camps. I was talking to Shane earlier about the same thing, and it’s fun to see him flying around. He’s very confident. He’s certainly played enough snaps. He’s feeling really comfortable about what he’s being asked to do. And the more you’re around Gonzo [Gonzalez], you see he’s a smart football player. He obviously has some talent. Both of them are doing things that you say ‘that’s pretty good linebacker play.’”

On the overall depth of the team:

“I think there are good teams; then when you get to the point where you’re a really good program, you do have that depth. Guys aren’t playing earlier than maybe they should. Once you get to the point where you truly are deep, even if a guy is ready to play, it’s harder. I’ve appreciated this group. They’ve been fun to be around. They come to work every day. They seem like they want to be coached. It’s been good. I think we’re getting better, but we’re not where we need to be. They’ve been fun to be around.”

On Larry Fitzgerald attending the Florida State game:

“Obviously it’s a huge thing. I’ve been fortunate enough to be around him a little bit and understand the kind of guy he is. I think that’s one of the great things about this football program and this University: the number of great players. It means a lot that Larry will be there. He appreciates the honor. We learn more about the great history here at Pitt. We want to make sure our players understand it. We’re surrounded by greatness. I think it’s one of the things that make Pitt great.”

On Tom Savage and Devin Street developing chemistry:

“I like the way they’re working. I think that’s important to them. They’re representative of the whole group. It’s important to a lot of guys. We appreciate what Tom and Devin are doing, but there’s a lot of that going around.”

On the Western Pennsylvania talent on the team:

“I think that’s one of the great things being here: football is important. There’s great coaching and talented players. They enjoy playing the game. For us to be successful, the heart and soul of the team has to be from Western Pennsylvania. I love the kids we’ve got right now.”

On Chris Blewitt’s injury: 

“He’s going to be fine.”

Linebacker Anthony Gonzalez

On if he feels like he belongs at the outside linebacker position:

“I think so. I feel real good here and am playing really well. I just have to keep getting better every day with my technique and the little things that go with the defense.”

On his confidence playing the position:

“The coaches have told me I’ve been playing well and obviously there’s room for improvement, so every day I have to just keep getting better. I’m playing alright I would say, so we’ll see when the first game comes I guess.”

On if he’s been getting a lot of positive feedback from the coaches on his play:

“As of right now, yes. I’m doing what I’m supposed to do. Sometimes I make mistakes but that’s what practice is for and I just have to correct them and make them right the next day.”

On what aspects of playing defense have been the most difficult to pick up:

“I feel very comfortable with a lot of things that we’re doing, but learning both pass and run I’d say. Getting more comfortable reading plays, reading what the offense is trying to do and just reacting faster.”


Tight end Scott Orndoff

On his thoughts about training camp up to this point:

“I think it’s been pretty good. I’m getting better at a lot of the things that I struggled with coming into training camp. I’m trying to just keep building every day and take steps forward without taking any steps back.”

On what has been the hardest thing to pick up in training camp:

“I think it’s just getting comfortable with the plays and being able to run them without having to think twice. Then there’s always stuff to work on like my stance, footwork and I have to work on that every day until I’m done playing. That stuff takes a lot of attention.”

On if he still feels like a freshman physically out on the football field:

“Sometimes I still get knocked on my butt but that reminds me still of where I’m at but I’ve built some confidence in some of the plays so I know I’ll be able to do this.”

On his relationship with fellow tight end J.P. Holtz:

“He always helps me out when he can. He’s only one year ahead of me so we’re both still kind of learning the same things. But he does help me out when I have a question on a play or how to play a certain technique I see, so he’s been a big help to me so far.”

On being able to use multiple tight end sets this year on the field:

“I think the coaches have a lot of different personnel packages they’re trying out, so I think you’ll be able to see a lot of different uses of the tight ends and receivers this year. It will be exciting.”

Defensive lineman David Durham

On what he feels he needs to do to have a breakout season this year:

“I think just keeping the same approach that I’ve had so far, which is one day at a time, one play at a time, one game at a time, just making the most out of every snap that I get and continuing to expand my role. I had some nagging injuries coming into camp, not that that’s an excuse, but I’m earning more and more snaps as the year goes on in different packages. We’re running different personnel groups, so as the season goes on, I’ll need to earn as many opportunities as I can. The more opportunities that I have, the more chances I’ll have to make big plays. And for me, it’s also about little things. Details, because I don’t think there’s any question that I’m going to play hard and play tough, but it’s one step at a time detailing everything up and playing good, sound, fundamental football.”

On what it will take to get people talking about Pitt in the ACC this season:

“Winning. I think that’s a pretty simple analysis, winning games. Winning can silence a lot of people. I’m not going to try and pretend like there’s anything else. We have to take advantage of our strong suits. I feel like we have a talented defense, and the guys that are given opportunities have to make the most of it.”


Offensive lineman Gabe Roberts

On the rotations at center on the offensive line:

“There hasn’t been a declared starter, but Artie [Rowell] and I keep rotating in. Artie was getting some one-reps and I get a little bit of one-reps, and we both get the twos, which is nice. It really puts pressure on both of us to do our best. I was kind of falling down a little bit, not doing as well, so we put Artie in with the ones and it kind of motivated me to get back up with the ones. Today we did speed offense and I was in with the ones the whole time, and the next group Artie was with the twos, so it just happens how it happens.

On how off-the-field relationships with offensive linemen translate to on the field:

“If somebody messes up, we don’t get frustrated with each other. We try to help each other out. There’s nothing worse than people yelling at each other and making each other mad. If everybody gets frustrated it just doesn’t turn out well.” 

Football Training Camp: What They're Saying: August 21

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