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Chad Voytik with Coach Paul Chryst
Aug. 21, 2014

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Pitt Training Camp Media Quote Sheet


Quoting Head Coach Paul Chryst:

Opening statement:

“We wrapped it up. We’re going to go tomorrow -- we’ve got a short procedural-type scrimmage. Not a scrimmage, but going through everything. Today wrapped up camp, and I thought, overall, it was a pretty good camp. I liked the way the guys worked. They’re still going to be a group that continues to improve – not just the first game to the second, but all season. But I like what the kids did, and I like where we’re at right now – relatively healthy. It’s been good. At the end of camp today, I told the quarterbacks that Chad [Voytik] is going to start and is our starter right now. O-line, it’s the same. Right now we’re starting with what we finished camp with. No change there. So, we’ve been pretty lucky to be able to stay healthy there.”

On the defensive backs:

“Reggie [Mitchell] has done a good job jumping over there, so he’ll start. Lafayette [Pitts] will be the other one, and then Terrish [Webb] and Ray [Vinopal] as the safeties.”

On comparing the progression of this camp to others:

“They’re different. I’ve liked the way this group has progressed, and I think we know them better, so we’re able to do a better job of coaching it that way. Some of the older guys have the advantage of having an understanding of the system. [There’s] still a number of young guys where, as everyone that‘s come to practice knows, it hasn’t always looked clean. It’s hard to compare group to group because the dynamics change, but I’ve liked the way this group has worked. I think they’re a group that does put in good work effort. We’ve just got to keep cleaning up the details of the game. I think that’s the difference in winning and losing.”

On Chad Voytik’s being named starter:

“He’s taken all the reps with the ones. I think he’s proud, and he should be, of the work he’s done. But he wasn’t real high. I think all of them are competitive and want to play, and I think absolutely it means something to them. I don’t think he feels like he’s arrived or anything like that, and that’s what I like about it. He keeps working.”


On the running back personnel:

“I think we’ve got five guys that can play. We’ll pare it down a little bit. It’s hard to get five ready. It was good getting Isaac [Bennett] back going. I liked the way James [Conner] worked. Rachid [Ibrahim] has done a really nice job. Here’s a guy that’s truly made improvements from spring to fall camp. And the two young guys [Qadree Ollison and Chris James] have done a good job. We’ll visit on that a little bit, and make sure we get four guys ready. Really, you’re getting three ready and then another that in any kind of situation can help.”

On having a set offensive line:

“I feel like we’re getting better, but we haven’t done anything yet. That’s the fun part about games in the season. I like the way they’ve worked, but we’ve still got a ways to go in all areas – certainly, that one. So we’ll see.”

On Friday’s Fan Fest at Heinz Field:

“I know the kids enjoy it a lot. It also marks the transition for them. Camp is done, and it’s fun for them just to see people. Especially fans and people that care about them, it means a lot. So, certainly the guys are looking forward to it.”

On how the offensive line cemented itself in the final week of camp:

“I think that they’ve done a good job. I see it as we’ve had some guys also rise up, and so we’ve got some depth there. That’s a good feeling. The seven or eight guys have done a nice job, and it makes you feel like you’re working towards the right thing.”



Quarterback Chad Voytik

On what he has improved the most in camp:

“I think my timing. That comes with learning the offense, but everything seems on time. I can keep getting better. I think staying in my rhythm and knowing when to escape, those are really things that I have improved on and now I can be a pocket passer and still get out of the pocket when I need to.”

On officially being named the starting quarterback:

“It feels good. I have been getting the ‘one’ reps, but being named is an honor and I am just so excited to play in nine days.”

On if he getting anxious for the game:

“A little bit. We’re all getting kind of anxious, looking at the clock on the wall counting it down. We are all excited.”

On the transformation since first coming to Pitt:

“It has been a 360-degree turnaround. Just my knowledge of the game, and a lot of that is thanks to Coach Chryst. I have had a lot of great coaches since I have been here and have been very blessed to have that. Just how comfortable I have been as a leader with my teammates. Everything is just so much better here.”

On the offensive line:

“They are working hard. We have some smart guys on that line and I feel protected. I know if something were to happen I have the ability to get out and escape. I think we have that mutual thing going on right now and it is good, I’m excited about it.”

On running back depth taking pressure off:

“When you can run the ball, everything gets better. All your play action gets better and I am excited to see those linebackers ‘suck up’ after I hand the ball to James [Conner] a few times.”

On the wealth of options on the outside:

“We have a lot of playmakers. And it is not just Tyler [Boyd] and Manasseh [Garner]. There are guys around them who can make plays if they have to take a play off. We are relieved about that too, that we have guys that I trust that can step in.”

On growth as a team:

“We have grown a lot and I would say even more so off the field and I think that stuff is important. Don’t get me wrong, we have grown on the field too, but in general, all the activities that we have done, locker room talk, it feels like a team. We are all supportive of each other and it feels really good.”

On guys that get everyone going in locker room:

“We have some ‘hype’ guys on our team. I mean T.J. [Clemmings], our captain, Ray [Vinopal] and Manasseh [Garner] are all guys that can get us going.”

On game prep beginning:

“We have to switch over. We are out of camp mode now and it is time to get ready for the season. We are starting to put in scout team and everything we do here on out is to get ready for Delaware.”



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