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Aug 22, 2013

Pitt Football Training Camp – August 22

Pitt Training Camp Media Quote Sheet 

Quoting Head Coach Paul Chryst

Opening statement:

“I think we’ve had a really good camp. We’ve built a solid foundation, but we absolutely have to keep going. I thought the guys worked this camp. We got better, but we’re not where we need to be yet.”

On what he noticed the most during training camp:

“I thought guys were into it. Guys wanted to be coached, and we’re enjoying coaching them. Guys competed. I just liked their whole approach to it.”

On evaluating the team:

“It’s redundant, but the guys who are getting reps with the ones and twos are earning them. We want to get a lot of things on film. We mixed up the competition. Going against different guys, we can get a proper evaluation.”

On how things at practice will change heading into a game week:

“We still have to find a way to balance it. Even during the season, you want to practice at the speed of the game. I think this is a team that will continue to grow. Our job as coaches and players is to keep growing throughout the season.”

On what he learned about the team during training camp:

“There was a freshmen group that we didn’t know how they would adjust, so we found out about some guys there. There were guys we thought had a pretty good spring, and they retained what they learned. We clearly got a feeling for who we have at different positions – our top seven offensive linemen, our top six linebackers, our top safeties and corners. At every position we have an idea about who will give us depth. We found out who’s in a position to play and who will be on special teams.”

On Todd Thomas:

“He’s been tremendous with his approach and everything. He’s working and competing.”

On determining the starters at every position:

“We’re still pondering some thoughts.”

On if he got what he wanted out of camp:

“I’d love to have about two more months. That’d be great. We got a lot accomplished, but like any coach I know there are still things we need to work on.”


Quarterback Tom Savage

On if he feels ready:

“Obviously in a perfect world, you’d have plenty of time to get ready. But I think we’re ready. We still have a bunch of stuff to improve on, but I think we’re ready to get out there and get after it.”

On switching from the daily grind of training camp to game preparation week:

“I think we’re all confident with where we’re at right now. We all realize that we have plenty of room to improve, but I know we’re ready for game preparation week. Going against each other for all of spring and three weeks of training camp gets repetitive.”

On finally getting to play in a real game:

“I’m excited. It’s going to be fun. I’ve waited more than two years to strap up the pads and play, so I’m excited.”


Wide Receiver Chris Wuestner

On his thoughts about his play this training camp:

“I’m just trying to be the guy that can come in and be accountable and have the coaches trust me when I’m on the field. Whether I’m running with the first team or the second team, I just have to keep getting better.”

On the play of both the redshirt freshmen and true freshmen this training camp:

“There are a lot of good freshmen who can help our team out. I think it’s exciting and we like to push each other and help each other get better. I’m excited to see how some of these freshmen can impact our team and help us win games.”

On his chemistry with Quarterback Tom Savage:

“It’s good. We had a chance to work together last year when he had to sit out and I was on the scout team, so I had the opportunity to work with him and get some chemistry and that’s translated into this year.”

On the mood of the team as training camp comes to an end:

“I think this year we had a lot of guys working real hard and every day was a grind. There weren’t too many ups and downs as a team; we had more of a steady incline. In the back of our minds we were thinking of Florida State, but we just want to take it one day at a time and go into the ACC knowing we can make an impact.”


Defensive Back Terrish Webb

On how playing with some of his Clariton teammates makes camp easier:

“Once you get to the midpoint of camp, they keep you up because you still see how many more days there are to go, but we push each other and just go hard.”

On what his expectations were at the beginning of training camp:

“My expectations were to come here and play. The reason why we came here was to try and change this program together and make Pitt better, so we all came here with the mindset to play.”

On if the freshmen class has talked about ‘writing the next chapter of Pitt football’”:

“Yes we’ve talked about that together. We’re the recruiting class of the new coaching staff so we want to help them change the program and help make Pitt a better football program.”

On the attitude the freshmen have brought in trying to change the program:

We don’t look at it like we’re freshmen. We look at it as being part of the team and trying to change it and make the program better. Just because we’re freshmen doesn’t mean we can’t make an impact.”

On his mindset of playing at Heinz Field as a collegiate athlete:

“It’s going to be different because the atmosphere and there’s going to be a lot more people. I’m used to playing on Heinz though; it’s like our second home.”


Cornerback Titus Howard

On how his first camp went:

“It was kind of hard, but I just had to keep working. It’s a good feeling knowing that it’s over with now, and I have my first camp under my belt.”

On beginning to prepare for the season opener:

“It’s exciting. I can’t wait for the Florida State game to see the atmosphere and how the college game is played.”

On getting a lot of reps:

“I wasn’t really expecting to be running with the ones this early. But they got me in there with the ones, and I’m actually doing a pretty good job. Hopefully I can keep it up. My confidence level is through the roof right now. I feel like I had a great camp.”

On playing time:

“The coaches have been hinting that I’ll be playing a lot this year. They’ve been telling me to stay ready and stay in my playbook, so I’ve been studying every night to make sure I know all the plays and am ready.”

Football Training Camp: What They're Saying: August 22

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