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Sept. 14, 2013

Pitt Players Quote Sheet

Pitt vs. New Mexico, Sept. 14, 2013

Quarterback Tom Savage

On if the offense got into a rhythm today:

"Absolutely I think we did a great job on offense today. I think we had a good tempo going the whole game and we played well."

On the touchdown pass to Tyler Boyd right before halftime:

"He did a great job on that pass. They were playing a little bit low on him so I decided to take a shot downfield. He's a freak as you guys saw, and he's fun to play with."

On how Tyler Boyd makes playing the wide receiver position look effortless:

"He just gets it. There are some kids like that, and he's one of them. You get into a game and he just knows how to come down with the ball. He does it non-stop at practice, so I wasn't surprised at all when he made that play."


Defensive Tackle Aaron Donald

On if his job against the option was to get into the backfield:

"Yeah that was just our way to get off the ball and disturb something in the backfield. I was just trying to make plays out there. Our job was to stop the dive and behind us they were going to handle everything else."

On if the offense scoring a lot of points gave the defense confidence:

"We just needed to pick it up. We knew what we had to do, and I felt like we did it."


Wide Receiver Tyler Boyd

On how it feels to be making big plays for the offense:

"I just feel really good. It felt really good to get back out on that field, especially after a loss, to go out there and get a win. We came up in the huddle and talked as an offense that we had to have a better performance than we did the first week, so that's what we did. We executed all of the plays and kept scoring."

On his long catch in the first quarter that set up the first touchdown:

"I just wanted to spark it, spark it for my team. I wanted my team to have my back and know that I had theirs. I wanted to make that play to get everything going. Once that happened, everything got rolling and everybody got pumped, excited and started making plays as well."


Linebacker Todd Thomas

On the play when he blew up the fake punt:

"We went through it all week. That was my key, that was my read and I just did what I had to do and I just did my job."

On what Coach Chryst told him when he let him back on the team:

"He said it's up to the team to let me come back. Then I talked to the seniors and they said that they wanted me back, I just had to change a little bit. I had to stay humble and I changed for the team, and I'm happy about that."


Running Back James Conner

On his performance today:

"I just wanted it real bad. It was a game we felt we could take advantage of and coach thought we could do some things. They were a good team, but we just tried to run hard."

On how he feeds off Isaac Bennett's performance:

"It was a good day for me and Isaac, it just felt really good. We try to compete against each other. Today was just a really good day for us."

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