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Oct. 20, 2013


Pitt vs. Old Dominion

Head Coach Paul Chryst

Opening comments:

“It’s good to play again and get a chance to compete. It’s good to win. There are obviously some areas we can get better at. Old Dominion is a good football team. Their quarterback is as good as advertised.”

On the rushing game:

“We ran the ball hard. Our guys did pretty well up front. Isaac Bennett ran the ball well. You are always hoping you can get something going in the run game. We were hoping to be able to run the ball and keep the ball away from them and eat up clock. Our guys worked their tails off to make that happen.”

On playing against Old Dominion:

“We played against a good team, a dangerous team. We played good enough to win.”

On the defensive scheme:

“We have to keep getting better. We played a lot of five and six defensive backs. There was no other reason to do that other than who we were playing.”

On playing against a spread offense:

“When you stop them, your guys are doing their job. That’s the challenge of playing a team that’s going to spread you out. Going in, I thought their quarterback did a good job of playing the game. He did a good job of stepping up in the pocket and finding some good throws and finding some rush lanes. He was every bit as good as we saw on film.”

On the performance of quarterback Tom Savage:

“He missed some throws, but he just missed a couple of throws. I didn’t think he was a different quarterback from previous games or something was off kilter by any means.”

On keeping the lead and winning the game:

“I think we did a great job of closing out the game like we would like. Certainly we have to get better.”

On the team improving week by week:

“It’s such a different offense than we are used to playing, I don’t think you can compare week to week. That’s how the season has been. Each team is different and their focus and attack is different, so it’s hard to compare this week to last week.”

Running back Isaac Bennett

On getting back on the field:

“It was fun just being out there with the team and being able to get a victory after last week’s loss.”

On why he had more yards this week:

“The line went out there and attacked it. I just followed behind.”

Safety Jason Hendricks

On if watching film helps against a team like Old Dominion:

“Film just gives you an idea of what they like to do. Most times you have to get on the field and get a feel for it.”

On how the defense played against the pass offense:

“We are growing. Overall as a defense, we are growing. We made some mistakes today. Tomorrow we will correct them in film.”

Quarterback Tom Savage

On how the success running the ball helped take some pressure off the pass game:

“Absolutely it did. I think he [Isaac Bennett] did a great job and helped take some pressure the pass game a little bit. He did a good job.”

On the performance of Isaac Bennett:

“He’s just the type of guy you want to have on your team. Obviously with James [Conner] coming out and doing what he did, a lot of juniors will just put their heads down but he always has a smile on his face and he goes out there and loves the game. It couldn’t have happened to a better person.”


Safety Ray Vinopal

On facing an offense with four and five Wide Receiver sets:

“It was different, we haven’t been exposed to a true spread offense this year and you have to credit Old Dominion. They have great receivers and it really was a challenge for us today because it was something new. There’s definitely always things to correct but I think we did alright.”

On his key interception and pass break-up on fourth down:

“That’s just how it goes with the fans, I understand that. As far as the fourth down, our coaches have been putting us in good positions all week. Coach [Matt] House told us that dig route is coming so play aggressive and the corner will protect me.”




Pitt vs. Old Dominion Coach and Player Quotes

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