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Go Panthers!
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Coaching Staff

Coach Chryst Headshot
Pitt Football
Name Paul Chryst
Position Head Coach and Quarterbacks

Paul Chryst did not have the luxury of easing into his new job as head football coach at the University of Pittsburgh. And that's exactly how he wanted it.

At his introductory press conference in December 2011, Chryst seemed eager to finish the ceremonial preliminaries, roll up his sleeves and get to work. "That's what I'm excited for," Chryst said. "To be able to start putting the action and the plan together. You don't talk about doing things. You just go do them."

Joe Rudolph Coaches Page
Joe Rudolph
Assistant Head Coach
Off. Coordinator/Tight Ends

Matt House Coaches Page
Matt House
Def. Coordinator/Linebackers

Breckterfield Coaches Page
Inoke Breckterfield
Defensive Tackles

Troy Douglas Coaches Page
Troy Douglas

Chris Haering Coaches Page
Chris Haering
Special Teams/Outside Linebackers

Jim Hueber Coaches Page
Jim Hueber
Offensive Line

Greg Lewis Coaches Page
Greg Lewis
Wide Receivers

Palermo Coaches Page
John Palermo
Defensive Ends

Settle Coaches Page
John Settle
Running Backs

LaSala Coaches Page
Chris LaSala
Assistant Athletic Director
Football Operations

Bob Junko
Director of Player Development
and High School Relations

Dann Kabala
Recruiting Coordinator

Rob Blanc
Head Athletic Trainer

T.J. Ingels
Director of Football Operations

Mickey Turner
Assistant Director of
Player Development

Hank Poteat
Defensive Graduate Assistant

Taylor Mehlhaff
Special Teams Graduate Assistant

Jon Budmayr
Offensive Graduate Assistant

Ryan Turnley
Offensive Graduate Assistant

Mark Diethorn
Assistant Director of
Player Personnel

Ross Kolodziej
Head Strength and
Conditioning Coach

Brian Calhoun
Assistant Strength and
Conditioning Coach

Kenechi Udeze
Assistant Strength and
Conditioning Coach

Bill Nagy
Strength and Conditioning
Graduate Assistant

Joe Hueber
Recruiting Assistant

Scott McKillop
Volunteer Assistant

Mike Shanahan Coaches Page
Mike Shanahan
Volunteer Assistant

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Name Position Phone E-mail
Paul Chryst Head Coach and Quarterbacks, Football 412-648-8700 pchryst@athletics.pitt.edu
Joe Rudolph Assistant Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator, Tight Ends 412-648-8700 jrudolph@athletics.pitt.edu
Matt House Def. Coordinator/Linebackers 412-648-8700 mhouse@athletics.pitt.edu
Chris Haering Special Teams/Outside Linebackers 412-648-8700 chaering@athletics.pitt.edu
Inoke Breckterfield Defensive Tackles 412-648-8700 ibreckterfield@athletics.pitt.edu
Troy Douglas Secondary 412-648-8700 tdouglas@athletics.pitt.edu
Jim Hueber Offensive Line 412-648-8700 jhueber@athletics.pitt.edu
Greg Lewis Wide Receivers 412-648-8700 glewis@athletics.pitt.edu
John Palermo Defensive Ends 412-648-8700 jpalermo@athletics.pitt.edu
John Settle Running Backs 412-648-8700 jsettle@athletics.pitt.edu
Ross Kolodziej Strength & Conditioning 412-648-8700 rkolodziej@athletics.pitt.edu
Bob Junko Director of Football Relations & Program Enhancement 412-648-8700 bjunko@athletics.pitt.edu
Dann Kabala Recruiting Coordinator 412-648-8700 -
Lynnie Koontz Recruiting Assistant 412-648-8744 lkoontz@athletics.pitt.edu
Vicki Kline Administrative Assistant 412-648-8711 vkline@athletics.pitt.edu