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PITTSBURGH—The Pitt wrestling team finished 3-1 as hosts of the Pitt Duals on Sunday at Fitzgerald Field House, with wins over Drexel, Davidson and Millersville. The Panthers improved to 7-5 overall on the season.


Redshirt junior Tyler Nauman (141) became only the 17th wrestler in Pitt history to reach the 100-win plateau with a tech-fall in his first match of the day against Josh Yurasits. Nauman finished the day with an undefeated 3-0 record, adding wins over Millersville and Northwestern.


“Tyler’s a great kid and he deserves a lot of credit,” Pitt Head Coach Rande Stottlemyer said following the matches. “Getting 100 victories isn’t an easy thing to do and he still has another year and a half to go.”


Senior Andy Vaughan (174/184) won all four of his matches while entering the lineup for the first time this season. Redshirt senior Ryan Tomei (285) and freshman Max Thomusseit (184/197) also posted 4-0 records on the day.


The Panthers opened up the Duals with a convincing 41-3 victory over Drexel. Pitt won nine of the 10 bouts. Tomei capped off the win with a fall while Nauman and redshirt sophomore Donnie Tasser (157) added five point tech-falls.


In the second match of the day, Pitt rolled over Davidson, 24-7. Tasser added his second victory in as many matches with a fall just 45 seconds into his bout. Vaughan also won by fall when he pinned Ike Crews at the 4:10 mark.


Pitt improved to 3-0 following a 33-13 win over Millersville. Tomei highlighted the Panther win with the quickest fall of the season by a Panther, pinning Bradley Ladd of the Marauders just 12 seconds into the match. Tasser added his second fall while Vaughan picked up a five point tech-fall. Junior Josh Pascazi (149) won his debut in dual action with a 10-3 victory.


In the marquee matchup of the day, the No. 20 Panthers fell just short of No. 21 Northwestern, 17-15. Despite falling behind, 14-3, after the initial five bouts, the Panthers rallied to take four of the final five bouts, but a Northwestern victory at 197 was enough to hold on for the victory.


Redshirt junior Ethan Headlee (165) jump-started the Panthers run, with a 5-2 decision over Kevin Bialka. Vaughan and Thomusseit added decisions to pull the match score to 14-12. Tomei finished off his unblemished day with a 3-1 decision over Ben Kuhar to make the final score 17-15 in favor of Northwestern.


“I thought our guys really gave it their best today,” Stottlemyer added. “The last match against Northwestern was tough, but it was a great atmosphere. The fans were really pulling for us and our guys gave a spirited effort. That’s what wrestling is all about.”


Northwestern finished the day with a 3-0 record while Davidson and Drexel went 1-2 each, and Millersville falling to 0-3.


Pitt will begin EWL conference play on Friday, Jan. 14 at Lock Haven. The match is scheduled to start at 7 p.m.


No. 20 Pitt 41, Drexel 3


125: Anthony Zanetta (P) win by forfeit

133: Shelton Mack (P) dec. Frank Cimato (D), 8-5

141: No. 4 Tyler Nauman (P) TF-5 (6:50) Josh Yurasits (D), 15-0

149: Dane Johnson (P) win by forfeit

157: Donnie Tasser (P) TF-5 (4:42) Charles Aungst (D), 18-3

165: Ethan Headlee (P) dec. Joe Booth (D), 5-2

174: Andy Vaughan (P) dec. Justin Wieller (D), 6-5

184: Max Thomusseit (P) maj. dec. Shawn Fausey (D), 13-4

197: Brandon Palik (D) dec. Phil Sorrentino (P), 9-3

HWT: No. 4 Ryan Tomei (P) WBF (4:05) Jack Callender (D)


Pitt 34, Davidson 7


125: Anthony Zanetta (P) dec. Matt Zarth (D), 11-5

133: Shelton Mack (P) dec. Alex Radsky (D), 7-5

141: Vitaly Radsky (D) maj. dec. Mike Tully (P), 9-1

149: Dane Johnson (P) maj. dec. Scott Ray (D), 14-2

157: Donnie Tasser (P) WBF (0:45) Brent Mowry (D)

165: Tyler Mullen (D) dec. Ethan Headlee (P), 6-1 SV

174: Adam Counterman (P) dec. Scott Patrick (D), 14-7

184: Andy Vaughan (P) WBF (4:10) Ike Crews (D)

197: Max Thomusseit (P) win by forfeit

HWT: No. 4 Ryan Tomei (P) dec. Charlie Wolff (D), 4-1


Pitt 33, Millersville 13


125: Anthony Zanetta (P) win by forfeit

133: Daniel Calzarette (M) win by forfeit

141: No. 9 Tyler Nauman maj. dec. Aaron Trimpy, 15-3

149: Josh Pascazi (P) dec. Steve Hess (M), 10-3

157: Donnie Tasser (P) WBF (1:51) Dakota Kuhn (M)

165: Brandon Vernalli (M) maj. dec. Kyle Flick (P), 10-2

174: Shane Smith (M) dec. Adam Counterman (P), 3-2

184: Andy Vaughan (P) TF-5 (7:00) Jason Ford (M), 16-1

197: Max Thomusseit (P) dec. Daniel Cox (M), 15-9

HWT: No. 4 Ryan Tomei (P) WBF (0:12) Bradley Ladd (M)


Northwestern 17, Pitt 15


125: No. 1 Brandon Precin (N) dec. Anthony Zanetta (P), 8-1

133: Levi Mele (N) maj. dec. Shelton Mack (P), 10-1

141: No. 9 Tyler Nauman (P) dec. Kaleb Friedley (N), 9-2

149: No. 12 Andrew Nadhir (N) maj. dec. Dane Johnson (P), 20-7

157: No. 9 Jason Welch (N) dec. Donnie Tasser (P), 5-2

165: Ethan Headlee (P) dec. Kevin Bialka (N), 5-2

174: Andy Vaughan (P) dec. Robert Kellogg (N), 8-6

184: Max Thomusseit (P) dec. Aaron Jones (N), 4-1

197: Marcus Shrewsbury (N) dec. Phil Sorrentino (P), 3-2

HWT: No. 4 Ryan Tomei (P) dec. Ben Kuhar (N), 3-1


Northwestern 42, Millersville 6:


125: No. 1 Brandon Precin (N) win by forfeit

133: Robert Joyce (N) maj. dec. Robert Joyce (M), 10-0

141: Kaleb Friedley (N) maj. dec Mike Greck (M), 16-2

149: No. 12 Andrew Nadhir (N) TF-5 (7:00) Steve Hess (M), 21-6

157: No. 9 Jason Welch (N) TF-5 (7:00) Dakota Kuhn (M), 15-0

165: Devin Bialka (N) dec. Brandon Vernalli (M), 7-4

174: Shane Smith (M) WBF (0:37) Brian Roddy (N)

184: Aaron Jones (N) maj. dec. Jason Foor (M), 12-0

197: John Schoen (N) TF-5 (4:32) Daniel Cox (M), 16-0

HWT: Ben Kuhar (N) WBF (2:06) Bradley Ladd (M)


Drexel 26, Davidson 21


125: Matt Zarth (Dav) win by forfeit

133: Frank Cimato (Dre) dec. Alex Radsky (Dav), 6-5

141: Vitaly Radsky (Dav) WBF (1:59) Josh Yurasits (Dre)

149: Scott Ray (Dav) win by forfeit

157: Charles Aungst (Dre) dec. Brent Mowery (Dav), 8-7

165: Joe Booth (Dre) maj. dec. Tyler Mullen (Dav), 8-0

174: Justin Wieller (Dre) maj. dec. Scott Patrick (Dav), 12-4

184: Shawn Fausey (Dre) WBF (2:52) Ike Crews

197: Brandon Palik (Dre) win by forfeit.

HWT: Charlie Wolff (Dav) dec. Jack Callender (Dre), 5-2


Northwestern 45, Drexel 3


125: No. 1 Brandon Precin (N) win by forfeit

133: Levi Mele (N) WBF (2:07) Frank Cimato (D)

141: Kabel Friedley (N) win by forfeit

149: No. 12 Andrew Nadhir (N) win by forfeit

157: No. 9 Jason Welch (N) TF-5 (7:00) Charles Aungst (D), 15-0

165: Kevin Bialka (N) dec. Joe Booth (D), 7-2

174: Justin Wieller (D) dec. Robert Kellogg (N), 4-1

184: Aaron Jones (N) WBF (4:01) Shawn Fausey (D)

197: John Schoen (N) dec. Brandon Palik (D), 8-4

HWT: Ben Kuhar maj. dec. Max Wright (D), 12-0


Davidson 31, Millersville 9


125: Matt Zarth (D) win by forfeit

133: Alex Radsky (D) TF-5 (6:10) Mark Massimini (M), 16-0

141: Vitaly Radsky (D) dec. Mike Greck (M), 9-5

149: Scott Ray (D) dec. Steve Hess (M), 5-1

157: Dakota Kuhn (M) dec. Brent Mowery (D), 11-4

165: Tyler Mullen (D) maj. dec. Brandon Vernalli (M), 9-1

174: Shane Smith (M) WBF (2:05) Jorge Estrada (D)

184: Scott Patrick (D) maj. dec. Jason Foor (M), 13-4

197: Ike Crews (D) dec. Daniel Cox (M), 10-6

HWT: Charlie Wolff (D) dec. Bradley Ladd (M), 4OT







Nauman Reaches 100 Wins, Wrestling Finishes 3-1 at Pitt Duals

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