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Jan. 10, 2012

PITTSBURGH - Redshirt junior Matt Wilps leads a group of six Pitt wrestlers recognized in the latest national poll. Wilps, who is ranked fifth at 197 pounds, is joined in the poll by No. 14 Tyler Nauman (149), No. 16 Anthony Zanetta (125), No. 20 Shelton Mack (133), No. 23 Ethan Headlee (174) and No. 31 Tyler Wilps (165).

The Panthers are ranked 10th in the NWCA/USA Today Coaches Poll released on Tuesday, marking the seventh straight week the team has been listed in the top-10. Since a loss to No. 6 Ohio State on Dec. 9, Pitt has won five straight matches, including a blowout victory in the EWL opener at Cleveland State.

Both Matt Wilps and Zanetta are unbeaten (9-0) in dual meets this season and each has reached the 20-win mark. Wilps is 21-2 with nine wins over wrestlers currently ranked, while Zanetta is 20-2 with a 5-2 mark against ranked opponents.

Matt Wilps's two losses on the season are both to wrestlers named in the top-five. The first came to top-ranked Chris Honeycutt (Edinboro) in the finals of the season-opening Buffalo Open, while the second defeat was a last-second decision to No. 4 Matt Powless (Indiana) in the semifinals of the Cliff Keen Invitational in Las Vegas. His resume includes a pair of wins over No. 9 Joe Kennedy (Lehigh) and three wins over No. 13 Max Huntley (Michigan), the most recent coming in the finals of the Mat Town Invitational at Lock Haven.

Zanetta bolstered the quality of his wins list with two victories over ranked opponents on the same day at the Pitt Duals on Saturday. The junior posted decisions over No. 18 Jared Germaine (Eastern Michigan) and No. 22 Garrett Frey (Princeton). He is currently on a 10-match winning streak that also includes decisions over No. 17 Johnni Dijulius (Ohio State) and No. 26 Tyler Iwamura (Cal Bakersfield).

Nauman has been ranked as high as No. 4 this season, but finds himself down to 14th following four losses to a trio of top-flight freshmen. The redshirt senior will still be a threat to win his fourth EWL title of his career. Two of his losses have come to No. 9 David Habat (Edinboro), but he has also beaten the Fighting Scot once. Becoming an All-American for the second time is certainly within reach, as well, as Nauman also holds a win over No. 4 Eric Grajales that helped the Panthers topple then No. 6 Michigan.

Headlee will look to improve on his ranking as the season progresses with the hopes of becoming a four-time national qualifier, while Mack and Tyler Wilps will do the same in their attempt to qualify for their first national tournament.

Pitt will compete against a pair of EWL opponents this weekend as it hosts Lock Haven on Friday at the Fitzgerald Field House and travels to Bloomsburg for a match Sunday. Following back-to-back undefeated seasons in the conference and the win over the Vikings this season, the Panthers are riding a 13-match winning streak in the EWL.


Pitt against current ranked opponents:

125 - No. 16 Anthony Zanetta (5-2)

No. 11 Steve Bonanno (Hofstra) dec. Zanetta, 11-3

Zanetta dec. No. 17 Johnni Dijulius (Ohio State), 4-3 SV

No. 18 Trent Sprenkle (North Dakota State) dec. Zanetta, 6-5

Zanetta dec. No. 19 Jared Germaine (Eastern Michigan), 9-5

Zanetta dec. No. 22 Garrett Frey (Princeton), 7-5

Zanetta dec. No. 22 (133) Mason Beckman (Lehigh), 9-2

Zanetta dec. No. 26 Tyler Iwamura (Cal-Bakersfield), 3-1 SV


133 - No. Shelton Mack (2-6)

No. 4 Logan Stieber (Ohio State) maj. dec. Mack, 9-1

No. 6 A.J. Schopp (Edinboro) dec. Mack, 1-0

No. 7 Ryan Mango (Stanford) dec. Mack, 3-2

No. 17 Ridge Kiley (Nebraska) dec. Mack, 5-3

No. 19 Zac Stevens (Michigan) maj. dec. Mack, 10-2

No. 19 Zac Stevens (Michigan) dec. Mack, 2-0

Mack dec. No. 27 Jamie Franco (Hofstra), 9-7

Mack dec. No. 29 Kyle Gilchrist (Columbia), 6-3


133 - Erik Galloway (0-1)

No. 1 Devin Carter (Virginia) maj. dec. Galloway, 19-9


133 - Zach Grove (1-2)

No. 6 A.J. Schopp (Edinboro) tech. fall Grove, 16-0

No. 30 Zach Horan (Central Michigan) FALL Grove, 6:19

Grove dec. No. 32 Mike Demarco (Rutgers), 7-2


141 - Travis Shaffer (0-3)

No. 7 Hunter Stieber (Ohio State) dec. Shaffer, 7-5

No. 15 Adam Krop (Princeton) dec. Shaffer, 5-0

No. 24 Kevin Smith (Buffalo) dec. Shaffer, 5-1


141 - Ronnie Garbinsky (1-0)

Garbinsky dec. No. 33 Bryan Pearsall (Penn State), 12-8


149 - No. 14 Tyler Nauman (4-4)

Nauman dec. No. 5 Eric Grajales (Michigan), 4-2

No. 8 Ian Miller (Kent State) FALL Nauman, 6:40

Nauman dec. No. 9 David Habat (Edinboro), 6-5

No. 9 David Habat (Edinboro) dec. Nauman, 5-2

No. 9 David Habat (Edinboro) dec. Nauman, 5-3

No. 13 Cam Tessari (Ohio State) dec. Nauman, 6-3

Nauman dec. No. 17 Josh Wilson (Utah Valley), 8-6 SV

Nauman dec. No. 28 Justin Accordino (Hofstra), 2-1 tb


149 - Eric Nutter (0-1)

No. 7 Donnie Vinson (Binghamton) maj. dec. Nutter, 14-5


149 Josh Pascazi (0-3)

No. 26 Steve Santos (Columbia) dec. Pascazi, 8-1

No. 26 Steve Santos (Columbia) dec. Pascazi, 8-2

No. 29 Owen Wilkinson (Lock Haven) dec. Pascazi, 9-2


157 - Donnie Tasser (1-6)

No. 19 Corey Mock (North Carolina) FALL Tasser, 1:00

No. 20 Daniel Kolodzik (Princeton) dec. Tasser, 10-3

No. 21 Josh Demas (Ohio State) dec. Tasser, 8-6

Tasser dec. No. 25 (149) Shane Welsh (Lehigh), 6-2

No. 26 Aaron Sulzer (Eastern Michigan) dec. Tasser, 3-2

No. 31 Brandon Zeerip (Michigan) dec. Tasser, 3-2

No. 33 Jake O'Hara (Columbia) dec. Tasser, 10-4


165 - No. 31 Tyler Wilps (2-6)

No. 3 Robert Kokesh (Nebraska) FALL Wilps, :20

No. 11 P.J. Gillespie (Hofstra) dec. Wilps, 3-2

No. 16 Dan Yates (Michigan) dec. Wilps, 2-0

No. 16 Dan Yates (Michigan) dec. Wilps, 4-2

No. 17 Joe Booth (Drexel) dec. Wilps, 3-2

No. 17 Joe Booth (Drexel) dec. Wilps, 3-2

Wilps dec. No. 33 Eren Civan (Columbia), 3-1

Wilps dec. No. 33 Eren Civan (Columbia), 4-3


174 - No. 23 Ethan Headlee (4-5)

No. 4 Ryan Desroches (Cal Poly) dec. Headlee, 3-2

No. 6 Justin Zeerip (Michigan) dec. Headlee, 4-2

No. 6 Justin Zeerip (Michigan) dec. Headlee, 4-0

No. 10 Nick Heflin (Ohio State) dec. Headlee, 7-2

Headlee maj. dec. No. 18 Lance Bryson (West Virginia), 12-3

No. 19 Patrick Martinez (Wyoming) dec. Headlee, 9-3

Headlee dec. No. 26 Kurtis Julson (North Dakota State), 7-0

Headlee dec. No. 27 Stephen West (Columbia), 2-0

Headlee dec. No. 33 Mike Dessino (Bloomsburg), 3-0


174 - P.J. Tasser (1-3)

No. 12 Jim Sheptock (Maryland) dec. Tasser, 8-6

No. 27 Stephen West (Columbia) dec. Tasser, 13-6

No. 27 Stephen West (Columbia) dec. Tasser, 5-3

Tasser dec. No. 30 Nate Brown (Lehigh), 3-2


174 - Nick Bonaccorsi (0-2)

No. 20 Ryan Leblanc (Indiana) dec. Bonaccorsi, 5-4

No. 20 Ryan Leblanc (Indiana) FALL Bonaccorsi, 6:49


184 - Andy Vaughan (0-2)

No. 2 Robert Hamlin (Lehigh) dec. Vaughan, 9-3

No. 2 Robert Hamlin (Lehigh) maj. dec. Vaughan, 18-6


184 - Karl DeCiantis (0-1)

No. 24 Casey Newburg (Kent State) FALL Deciantis, 1:59


184 - Max Thomusseit (0-2)

No. 11 C.j. Magrum (Ohio State) maj. dec. Thomusseit, 13-5

No. 26 Kevin Radford (Arizona State) dec. Thomusseit, 5-2


No. 5 Matt Wilps (9-2)

No. 1 Chris Honeycutt (Edinboro) dec. Wilps, 7-2

No. 4 Matt Powless (Indiana) dec. Wilps, 6-5

Wilps dec. No. 9 Joe Kennedy (Lehigh), 2-1 tb

Wilps dec. No. 9 Joe Kennedy (Lehigh), 4-3

Wilps dec. No. 11 Alfonso Hernandez (Wyoming), 5-3

Wilps dec. No. 13 Max Huntley (Michigan), 6-2

Wilps dec. No. 13 Max Huntley (Michigan), 6-4

Wilps dec. No. 13 Max Huntley (Michigan), 3-1

Wilps dec. No. 21 Andrew Campolattano (Ohio State), 4-2

Wilps dec. No. 30 Brandon Palik (Drexel), 8-5

Wilps dec. No. 30 Brandon Palik (Drexel), 6-1


197 - Jordan Shulman (0-1)

No. 31 Richard Perry (Bloomsburg) FALL Shulman, 4:15


285 - Joel Yahner (0-5)

No. 2 Zach Rey (Lehigh) FALL Yahner, 1:01

No. 14 Brendan Barlow (Kent State) maj. dec. Yahner, 11-3

No. 20 Kyle Frey (Drexel) maj. dec. Yahner, 10-2

No. 25 Kevin Lester (Columbia) FALL Yahner

No. 31 Wes Schroeder (Eastern Michigan) maj. dec. Yahner, 11-0

Six Pitt Wrestlers Named in Latest National Poll

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