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Jan. 10, 2012

Recap |  Box Score

January 10th, 2012
Petersen Events Center, Pittsburgh, PA
Rutgers 63, Pitt 39

Quoting Pitt Head Coach Agnus Berenato

Opening statement:
“I want to thank my guest coaches, Dr. Susan and John Albrecht and I’m just really disappointed about the game tonight. I thought we had a great game plan. I thought Coach Head had a great game plan and we were able to hit some outside shots. We got a tremendous amount of inside shots and layups and we didn’t knock them down. At last count I think we missed 16 layups and I don’t think you can beat anybody, much less a top ten team in the nation when missing 16 layups. I thought we improved today. I thought we got better today. I thought our defense was better today. Holding them to 63 points was really good. April Sykes didn’t go off on us. We really wanted to make them score from the outside and that we were sagging because they were scoring in the paint. We played a lot of zone and I’m disappointed because they scored 40 points in the paint. It’s all going to come together one day but I think we got better today.”

On when it’s time to stop looking at this season as a learning experience:
“I’m there now. We thought we could win this game tonight. I told the team that we practice, work hard, and get better but by January 1st you have to become sophomores and sophomores-and-a-halves. And by March, maybe you’ll be sophomores-and-a-halves and juniors-and-a-halves. But that is the only way we can do it. You can’t just stay freshman because you’re getting the minutes. We’re getting the time; they are the ones that are playing. Most true freshman never play. They go through two years, might play three, four, or even 10 minutes but not on a consistent basis unless you’re a McDonalds’ All American. But our kids are playing and I don’t have any McDonalds’ All American’s. To me there comes a time where you have to lace your shoes up and go out and play; compete; get a layup make a layup; get a free throw make a free throw; need a stop get a stop. Expectations are high but that’s what Pitt is all about. They didn’t come here for me to have low expectations.

Quoting Pitt guard Abby Dowd:

On the teams rough shooting night:
“I think a lot of shots had hands in our faces. Bri typically doesn’t miss. Marquel typically doesn’t miss and I think it shows if you miss the first couple shots. For the most part they were pretty open layups and I think at the end of the day that just comes down to focus. It something that individuals have to be responsible for. They played help defense and showed to the ball too.”

On her performance:
“I spent a lot of time in the gym. I’ve been a little bit off for the last couple games which is frustrating as a shooter but if you’re in a rhythm, than you’re just feeling it. I felt good tonight. My dad always says “Abby, just make your first shot. If you make your first shot you’ll be on a roll for the rest of the game” and I made my first shot tonight. I had some good looks and it’s up to me to knock them down just like it is for people to knock down an open layup.”

Quoting Pitt guard Asia Logan:

On at what point does it being a learning experience turn into execution:
“We are no longer freshman or sophomores. We’re now sophomores and juniors in our eyes. Also, we just needed to focus. We work really hard in practice and we’re getting better. It’s all about focus.”

Post-Game Quotes vs Rutgers

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