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Jan. 19, 2013

Recap |  Box Score |  Photo Gallery 

Saturday, Jan. 19, 2013, Petersen Events Center
Marquette 74, Pitt 65

Quoting head coach Agnus Berenato

Opening Statement
"I thought it was a great game. It was really competitive. I felt like we were going to win the entire time, and I felt that the effort from our team was terrific. I felt the environment was great. I felt we had a great crowd. Cora (McManus)'s only started for her second game. I thought she did an unbelievable job. Marquel (Davis) came in and did her role. She was amazing. She's been fighting a cold the past couple days. I think in the past Marquel wouldn't have had a great performance. She wouldn't have played because she's been sick. Right before halftime, she dislocated her shoulder, and the doctors put it back in in the locker room. She came out and played. I thought Marquel Davis played maturely. She helped us and did what she knows how to do. Cora has lost about 35 pounds. She's worked out every day in the morning cardiovascularly. She's done extra individuals, and then she comes to practice. She's getting out what she put into it. We had four people in double figures. Unfortunately, what hurt us were our free throws. We're a pretty good free throw shooting team. We work hard on our free throws. One of our top players, Asia Logan, really struggled today and tried to cover and overcompensate. Had we made our free throws, we would have gotten the win."

On the team growing together
"We see it as a staff. We don't know if they see it. We see it happen. What happens is the results are the same. But you have to keep getting better and better and better when you're starting two freshmen, two sophomores and a junior and you're bringing in kids off the bench. I think you have to keep with your system. We really believe in our system."

On playing Notre Dame this Wednesday
"I'm glad they're coming to our house. We like our house. We like our home. This is our home. They're a great team and we look forward to playing the Irish."

Quoting Junior  Marquel Davis:

On getting confidence from more playing time:
"I think Coach B's motivation, as well as my teams encouragement really helps. Sometimes you kind of get mentally low on yourself and as far as being sick and the dislocated shoulder, but she kept encouraging me and my team kept encouraging me. I just continued to fight and continued to play hard."

On what she took from the game:
"What I took from this game is that you just have to play hard every possession. Even if you miss a shot or you miss a steal or whatever you just have to continue to work hard. As long as you work hard, then you'll be able to finish a game with a victory. I think as a team we should just focus on finishing the game. We got up a lot and our momentum got up and we just have to finish. We have to keep our mindset and our composure even when we take off on a play."

On her fast break jumper to pull within one and the breakdown afterwards:
"The fast break jumper, I just shot it with confidence. I think she was expecting me to drive all the way and I knew if I was going to take this shot, I better nail it. I just shot it with confidence and from there we had the momentum and we continued to go at them."

On the difference between the team from last year:
"I've seen a lot of confidence. We definitely go in to the game determined to win and determined to fight. We do have out lapses, but we're still growing. At the same time, I think our confidence has built tremendously and we need to continue on building and need to finish games."

Quoting Sophomore Cora McManus:

On if there is any change in her game due to her getting the start:
"Starting or not, I'm going to play confidently. It definitely is a boost to the confidence, but again whether I come off the bench or I start, when my name gets called I'm going to play hard."

On what she took from this game:
"What I take from this game is we have to play hard every possession. Make every possession count and every rebound count. We showed them and we cut it down and we were almost in it. Taking that almost in to a definite yes we're in this game, let's go. We need to transfer that over to these upcoming games."

Post-Game Quotes vs. Marquette

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