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Feb. 16, 2014

Recap |  Box Score |  Notes

Quoting senior guard Marquel Davis:

On the emotions of Senior Night and her career winding down:

“It’s kind of numb. I don’t think it’s really hit me yet, personally. I walked out with a smile, and then to see them cry was when I started crying. Honestly, I don’t think it’s hit me yet that I’m almost done with my college basketball career. It just seems like time has flown by and just yesterday we were freshmen coming in. Personally, I have no feelings yet."

On what made everything click in the win today:

“I think it was defense. I think in the first half we played hard defensively. We dove after balls and that helped the intensity level. I think it helps being at the end of our bench, so you also hear our bench as well as the people on the floor so the intensity is ten times more. In the second half, you’re on the opposite side so you have to find the intensity between the five on the floor. At times, we drop that intensity and that’s where teams start to pick up. For us to get this victory, it was our intensity and defense throughout the game that brought us the win.”

On effects of facing Clemson a second time: 

“They always say it’s hard to beat a team twice, so I think it helped playing them the first time and then again because you kind of knew what to expect what you were getting from this team. I think when you watch games on TV, they aren’t the same as when you actually play the team because some teams show up, and some teams don’t show up. Sometimes a ranked team will lose to a completely non-ranked team. I think it helped that we did play them before. We just had that much more anxiety to come out with a W this time since we fell short last time.”


Quoting redshirt senior guard Ashlee Anderson:

On the emotions of Senior Night and her career winding down:

“I know for myself that I try not to think about it. Everybody’s saying, ‘Senior Night’s coming up!’ and I’m like, ‘What? What night?’ I’m trying not to think about it, because I get scared thinking about how if we don’t continue to play basketball then we have to go into the real world. Like Quel [Marquel Davis] said, I’m kind of numb to the feeling. All of the emotions that I had on the court are because I was thinking about how I was about to leave these girls right here. This might be one of our last times playing together. It was an emotional moment for me.”

On what made everything click in the win today:

“One of the things Coach [Suzie McConnell-Serio] tried to stress to us before the game, knowing that we played them before, was to try not to make the same mistakes we made before. We let them attack us offensively in the first game and let them get any shot they wanted. We really put a lot of emphasis on our defense this time, and like Quel [Marquel Davis] said, we had a high level of intensity in the first half. Everything was just clicking offensively. We’ve been working at that too, but I think your defense translates to your offense so we were rolling with it.”

On effects of facing Clemson a second time:

“Like Quel [Marquel Davis] said, it is hard [to beat the same team twice], and I think one of the things we just tried to focus on was Coach [Suzie McConnell-Serio] saying, ‘Just win for your seniors.’ With us, she just made it a point to play our hardest. If you don’t play any other game as hard as you can, then make sure this is the one. To win on Pink the Pete, and to continue to fight, I feel like we fought not just for ourselves, but for the women out in the stands who fought to overcome breast cancer and the people that are continuing to fight to overcome breast cancer.”

On if the Wake Forest game was used as motivation: 

“I said I wasn’t going to get over that game until we won this game. I still have ill feelings because I think about how it could have been another W, but I’m proud of this win today and I’m glad that we got the win and how we got the win with a thirteen point lead.”

Quoting senior forward Asia Logan:

On the emotions of Senior Night and her career winding down:

“It was very emotional for me. I think I was either the first or the second one crying. I was just thinking about my four years being here and how great they’ve been. These two [Marquel Davis and Ashlee Anderson], I love them and I’m going to leave them and the rest of my team. I was just thinking about all of that. Time to grow up.”

On what made everything click in the game today:

“We communicated really well on the back side, letting the top people know where everyone was, like shooters and cutters. I said to them that in this game, defense was actually fun. I actually enjoyed defense this game.”

On if the Wake Forest game was used as motivation:

“During halftime, Coach [Suzie McConnell-Serio] came in and the first words she said were ‘Do not let up!’ We were already talking about it before she came in, so yeah, we thought about that game.”

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