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Feb. 25, 2012

Recap |  Box Score

Pitt 39, Seton Hall 63
February 25, 2012
Petersen Events Center

Quoting Pitt Head Coach Agnus Berenato

Opening statement:

“I want to thank(guest coach) John Peterson for his generosity and his philanthropic ways (Petersen Sports Complex, Petersen Events Center).  I hope one day that I’ll have a heart as big as his and can make an impact on people the way he has. 

As far as the game is concerned, I thought that Seton Hall did a great job and really took us out of the game.  They really flustered Brianna Kiesel and she didn’t get much help. I thought they overplayed her and she got frustrated very easily.  Defensively I was very disappointed especially in our rebounding.  Their posts did a number on our posts.  They got forty-five rebounds and seventeen were offensive rebounds.  They scored nineteen points off of those rebounds.  That’s hard to overcome.  I thought Kyra (Dunn) did really great the first half.  She had eight points and four rebounds.  Unfortunately in the second half she didn’t score.  In a game like this you have to have two halves.  Someone has to stand out.  Today for Seton Hall that was number thirty-three.  She had fifteen rebounds and eight points.  They got their points.  We didn’t have anyone stand out which was unusual.  Most of the game today we played very discombobulated.”

On the team’s discombobulated play:

“The first half we were down because we didn’t get as many shots.  We had twenty-three versus their twenty-nine shots because we had turnovers.  We had eleven turnovers and ended up with 19.  If you turn the ball over it takes opportunity away from shooting the ball.  Even though we were shooting forty percent we didn’t get enough shots up.  They got enough up.  We didn’t score for a very long time and we finally tried to hit a free throw. 

You can’t continue to go possession after possession defensively and not have productivity offensively.  That’s a collective effort.  Today it was just an unbelievable train wreck.  Everybody was rejected and couldn’t pick up anyone.  You have to play through it.  This was the one game out of all our games that we played without confidence.”

Quoting Pitt guard Kyra Dunn:

On the team’s performance and confidence:

“It is a matter of us wanting it.  This game I came up with a goal. I did not reach it, but it comes with us wanting it and wanting to come in tomorrow and be a better team.  That is all we can do.  All we can do is focus on the next day and getting better.  We can’t let it take us back, we need to move on.”

On getting open looks:

“The looks were there.  We weren’t converting.  It is a matter of making sure that your feet are set or playing through the contact and finishing as well as playing with confidence.”

On maintaining momentum:

“In a game like this it is easy to get down on yourself when the score is not going your way.  Early on we were not making shots, but once we started our momentum did pick up.  It was hard to keep momentum once they scored.”

On preparing for their next game at West Virginia:

“We have to come in with passion and drive and want to win.  They are not a team that is going to let us come in and win, especially at West Virginia.  It has been a tough season for us, but we still have to play as a team.  If we play as a team and play together then we will be fine.”




Post-Game Quotes vs Seton Hall

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