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Feb. 27, 2014

Recap |  Box Score |  Notes


NC State at Pitt, Petersen Events Center, February 27, 2014

Pitt 79, Boston College 68

Quoting Head Coach Suzie McConnell-Serio:

Opening Statement:

“We knew we had our hands full with their post players and [Markeisha] Gatling and [Kody] Burke inside; the combination with the two together, Burke being able to stretch defenses and the presence of Gatling inside. We expended a lot of energy and we talked for two days about how we were going to double team. It was kind of pick your poison tonight because their guards started hitting shots from the perimeter and then Burke was unstoppable. In the second half, we went to a younger line up with [Brittany] Gordon, [Chelsea] Welch and [Fred] Potvin came off the bench and I thought they gave us great energy and were a spark defensively. They created a lot of opportunities offensively, obviously scoring for Chelsea and Brittany did a great job of knocking down shots and making plays. For me, it was fun to coach. The effort was there and the energy was there. They played hard, they fought and never quit. I’m very proud of the effort that this team gave in the second half. This is how we wanted to play the whole year. We just dug ourselves too deep of a hole against a very talented NC State team who is well coached and that is why they’re ranked number thirteen in the country. Every night we step out on the court, we’re playing against a great team in the conference. Our goal is to close the gap. If we can have that performance every single night, we will close the gap in the future.”

On Markeisha Gatling fouling out:

“We knew they had lost two players and they usually play seven deep. Without two players, we would have liked to attack her. [Asia] Logan has versatility with being able to pull Gatling out away from the basket and try to attack her if we had the opportunity to. She is a smart player and makes plays at both ends of the floor. We had a few good opportunities to take charges on Gatling and Asia did a nice job of holding her position when fighting for offensive position on the block and was able to draw some calls that way. Without Gatling on the floor, I think they are a different team so I think it would be beneficial to get her out of the game.

On playing last home game with seniors:

“With this being the last home game, we wanted to send our seniors out on a good note. I don’t know if it’s the type of game they wanted to end in the Peterson Event Center. I think they had good careers here and competed. They set the tone this year for our team. They have done some things they haven’t done in the past, like winning conference games. We won three conference games this season and they were a big part of that. These players are going to follow in their footsteps. They’ve created an opportunities for the girls to carry on what they have done here. To be part of this program is something special. Despite not winning, it is still an unbelievable program with the university and athletic department. They can look back on their careers and think their time here was worth it despite having some losing seasons, and look back on and feel like it was a special time in their lives.”

On younger line up giving hope for next season:

“I look at them and there is no fear in our younger players. They just go out and compete. They go against the upperclassmen every day at practice. They just go out and play and do what they’re capable of doing. I am so excited for Brittany Gordon because I have called her the All-American practice player all year. She finally transferred what she’s been doing in practice to games. She was making things happen, handling the basketball, hitting shots, and getting steals for layups. You got a glimpse of what I see in practice and begging her to bring in game situations. lt was fun. I know it’s two games until the end, but it’s better late than never. I think the future is bright. You talk about our players buying in, it’s baby steps and a work in progress. We have one more game in the regular season and then it is post-season. Anything can happen. If we get all on the same page and play a great game, you never know what can happen in the post-season.”


Quoting freshman guard Chelsea Welsh:

On playing with the seniors:

“This is my first year here and the seniors have made me feel like I’m home. They have pushed me to the full potential I have. They know I can get better and they have always had confidence in me. When I’m not making shots, they encourage me and I know that they have my back. I just wanted to play for them and have their back.”

On tonight’s comeback run against No. 13 NC State: 

“I know we didn’t get the outcome we wanted but it was a really fun game to play. It was a good last game. Knowing we got down by double digits and we all came back and fought, it was a really exciting environment. The fans were cheering, our coaches were excited, and our bench was excited. It was a really positive feeling, even though we were down, we were fighting. We were truly a team and we came together.”

Quoting sophomore guard Brittany Gordon:

On playing with the seniors:

“The seniors are great, and they’ve made the underclassmen better players. I’ve been here for two years we’ve built great relationships here at Pitt. I can see change in the future. It’s fun to play with a passion, and you just have to keep playing and never give up. ”

On tonight’s comeback run against No. 13 NC State:

“We tried to play for the seniors. I didn’t have the season I wanted, but I know it’s not about points but about doing what you can for the team. It is frustrating when you don’t produce as much as you’d like to during the season.”

Pitt vs. No. 13 NC State Post Game Quotes

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