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Nov. 3, 2013

Quoting Head Coach Suzie McConnell-Serio:

Opening Statement:

"I have to admit that we were a little anxious and a little nervous going into our first opportunity to be in uniform. Lacing them up for the first time with a new staff and a new team, but as the tip went up and the flow of the game started, I feel like everyone settled down. I felt like we were a little anxious to start the game leading to some mistakes, but over the course of the game I thought players stepped up and did a lot of good things. We know we have a lot to improve on as far as taking care of the basketball, decision-making, and execution. Defensively, Cal created some match-up problems for us. Though, with bubbles' (Marvadene Anderson) at 6'10" and Cora (McManus), just size and strength, we were able to exploit it a little bit on the offensive end and it caused some issues on the defensive end. I'm very proud of the effort from our players. We thought they did a great job in their first opportunity and we look forward to the next game on November 8."

On adapting to the new personal foul rules in women's basketball:

"It's been tough in practice because we try and officiate in practice and this was the first time, other than in a scrimmage, with officials. We got a taste coming into today what it was going to be like. I think it will be an adjustment for our players. The biggest place it will have an effect is on the drive of the ball-handler. Everyone is so used to extending the forearm to protect, that the biggest thing that we need to get adjusted to."

On using the entire bench:

"We will utilize our entire roster. Everyone will make contributions, some more than others. We will have a lot of different looks on the floor, different line-ups. We started the game with one line-up and then went with a different one to start the second half. Players are going to earn playing time. Each player will be held accountable and will be counted on. We look forward to using the depth that we hopefully have.

Quoting freshman center Marvadene `Bubbles' Anderson

On her performance:

"I wasn't expecting to score twenty points, but I was expecting to be in the double digits. Yeah, I had fun playing today."

Quoting senior guard Ashlee Anderson

On adjusting to the new personal foul rules:

"I think it changes the element of the game, a little bit, but we have been working on it. Our coaches have been harping on us not to put our hands up on defense. I feel like it will work in our favor because we trust each other. You know, if you're going to be aggressive, you have to trust that if you get beat, your teammate will have your back."

Pitt vs. Cal (Pa.) Post Game Quotes

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