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Nov. 9, 2012

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Nov. 9, 2012

Quoting head coach Agnus Berenato

On the need for a leader to take control of the Panthers’ young team:

“I’m extremely disappointed. It’s over, it’s history and we go right back to work on William & Mary who we have on Sunday. I just want to say compliments to Youngstown State. They did a great job nailing their shots in the second half. It was literally a tale of two halves. You’ve got to be able to make shots. They made three threes with one second or less. You know what, give them credit. They made those three threes, and that’s where you’ve got to pull your bootstraps up. We needed somebody today to really go out and just be an anchor and be a leader, and that shows, where again, it sounds like a broken record. Last year we were the youngest team in the nation and this year we’re in the top-five youngest in the nation. We’ve got to have someone grow up really quick, bottom line. It has to do with somebody taking control of the team.”

On the performance of sophomore center Cora McManus:

“I thought that Cora McManus did a phenomenal job when she came into the game. Cora has been working extremely hard. Unfortunately she got hurt last year when she had her most successful game, but she was really determined that she was going to be a difference maker. Cora has limitations and she knows about that but at the same time she has extreme possibilities. It’s very exciting to see Cora when today she was successful. She became the anchor. She rebounded. She ended up with a career-high (in points) and stayed within her game.”

On what she expects to see from redshirt freshman guard Loliya Briggs moving forward:

“I think Loliya Briggs, you know, I’m just so excited to have her with us this year and to have her as (Brianna) Kiesel’s wingman. She brings a lot of aggressiveness and a lot of attitude to the game but at the same time it was her first collegiate game. And when it’s your first collegiate game, I think you tend to have a lot of emotions. (Loliya), as a true freshmen, went and made a great move. She just missed the shot. To me, that’s character. So I think she’s going to get better and better.”

On the issues of poor match-ups in the second half:

“You can look back and ‘could’ve,’ ‘would’ve,’ should’ve. We probably could’ve had the starters not have so much pressure on them. (I) should’ve probably played the second five and started the second five. If I had to do it over again, would I have done it? I don’t know, because then you’ve challenged your starters, breaking the confidence of your starters, and that’s what a team is all about. A team comes together. When people struggle you bring other people in. We played like a team in the first half, it was awesome, but in the second half we went in and, you know to be honest with you, the match-ups just weren’t good.”

Sophomore Center Cora McManus

On her career points

“I thought it really came with my rebounding, but at the same time, it was all about kicking the ball out to my guards to make sure they knock down shots, and that if they don’t knock them down I have their back with the rebound. I like my guards taking shots because it gives me the opportunity to rebound.”

On YSU making shot after shot:

“It’s definitely disappointing but at the same time they made the shot and we have to make one too.”

On not giving up on the play:

“So much of this game is not giving up. You can be big or small as long as you don’t give up on every play, you’ll produce.”

On moving forward with the season:

“It makes us very hungry. A loss is a loss but at the same time you don’t let it linger. At practice tomorrow were going to go in harder and better so we can produce on Sunday.”

R-Freshman Guard Loliya Briggs

On the transition to her first NCAA game:

“Yes, the game moves fast and it’s quicker. You always have to be on your toes. It’s very different and not the same as high school or anything else you played in the past.”

On moving forward with the season:

“A loss is something you learn from. I feel like we have to take the positive out of it and if we learn today, were not going to make those same mistakes on Sunday and the games to come. We have to correct them and it is good to correct them early than to lose later.”

Post-Game Quotes vs. YSU

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