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Nov. 11, 2012

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Pitt vs. William & Mary, Nov. 11, 2012

Quoting head coach Agnus Berenato

On the team earning their first win of the season:
“I want to congratulate our guest coach, which was the Pitt band. The Pitt band was awesome for us today and they were tremendous. Jack Anderson is on his farewell tour and so he’s 1-0. I’m really excited. I told them before the game they were my guest coach. They were really fired up and I thought they did a great job doing the game, especially down in the end getting people riled up when we needed it. I’m just really proud of my team because every win is hard to get. This difference between us winning and William & Mary is simply one rebound, one turnover, one basket. That’s it. That’s how close this game was. Had Asia (Logan) not got one rebound, we’d lose the game. Had Ashlee (Anderson) not gotten one rebound, we’d lose the game. It’s very simple. Had Krista (Pettepier) not come in in the second half, and she did an unbelievable job on (Emily) Correal. The first half was the Correal-Logan show, but Correal was winning because they were up three.

The second half, literally, we shut down Correal. She had 23 (points) and she ended with 27, but they didn’t shut down Logan. I think that Asia has really been working and working, and sometimes she gets down and she gets frustrated. She gets mad that we get on her and especially mad that I get on her, like ‘what do they want me to do?’ What we want her to do is excel and get better and not settle. When we went out for the last play, I just said ‘whoever shoots, there’s 30 seconds. Everybody rebound like hell and Asia Logan, if you get it, put it back up.’ I just think you have to have that undying fate that you’re going to win, and this game was so close. It could’ve gone either way, but you know what? We persevered. I was really happy to see that at the seven-minute mark, Brianna Kiesel really turned up her defense. She got the team together for the first team since Shavonte Zellous has been here. She told the team ‘we are not going to lose this.’ She stood up and looked at every one of us and said ‘this is what we’re going to do.’ That’s a sign of a little bit of maturity, and so I’m really happy with the win. I’m happy the team got it because they deserve it.”

On the Panthers’ efficiency in rebounding and second-chance points:

“I don’t think kids look at stats the way coaches do. I’m really into stats and I think that was huge. We have to get more off those 28 offensive rebounds. We have to get scores, but for us, that’s a real plus that we got 28 (offensive) rebounds today. You have to start somewhere. You have to crawl before you walk and you have to walk before you run. With this team, for us to be able to crash the boards like that, I just think that it was really amazing. There were times where we got rebounded and Asia did a great job, in that she was really out of whack with three people on her, and she kicked it out. I think that’s really helping us.

A big key, 32 to four in second-chance points was also huge. And I think that us turning them over 24 times was big. We turned up the defensive pressure and it resulted in scores. We stayed true to our game. We got 30 more shots than them. They shot 51 percent. When (Jaclyn) McKenna nailed that three, I thought I was going to die because that’s when you know they’re on a roll. I almost broke a blood vessel. We said if someone was going to beat us, it’s not going to be (Janine Aldridge) and it’s not going to be (Emily Correal). That was our attitude at halftime. But that’s what you do. They stayed within their game plan, and we just caused them to turn it over a little bit more and we persevered.”

On compensating for their struggles from three-point range today:

“We got rebounds. We got offensive rebounds. I’m not going to tell the team not to shoot. I really believe in my kids that are shooting. I really believe in inside-outside. I really believe in (Brianna) Kiesel and I believe in Ashlee (Anderson) and I believe in Abby Dowd. I believe in them shooting the three. It’s going to go in.”

Quoting junior forward Asia Logan:

On her Petersen Events Center record 36 points in the game:
“Well if it wasn’t for my teammates passing me the ball in the middle of the floor I wouldn’t been able to get those shots. William & Mary not boxing me out and I got some rebounds, that’s basically it.”

On having the ball in her hands at the free throw line with 0.3 seconds left in a tie game:
“I love how everyone came to me and said you’re going to make this shot. Abby (Dowd), I love Abby, she gave me a hug and said ‘you got this’. Just everyone had confidence in me and I really appreciate that and I nailed the two shots and we won the game.”

On if she was aware that she had so many points during the course of the game:
“I looked up, but I didn’t know I had 36 points. I thought I had 28, but I wasn’t really looking.”

 Quoting junior guard Ashlee Anderson:

On making some momentum changing lay-ups in the second half:

“I just felt like they were getting baskets and like Coach (Berenato) said, Bri (Kiesel) took over at the end and said we needed to get a score. The baseline was open; they were giving me the baseline to just take it. It was Asia opening up the floor in the middle that really got the baseline to be open because they were trying to compensate for her in the middle and that allowed the wings to be open.”

On ending the losing streak:

“It’s the best win of 2012 so far. We just have to keep running with this. We’ve been working really hard in practice, getting the opportunities and the possessions and all the hard work that we put in in the gym really paid off in this game. Even when it came down to the end, people weren’t tired because we’ve been running and just executing in practice.”

On playing at the Fitzgerald Fieldhouse in a throwback game on Tuesday:
“You always hear the stories about the past teams that played there in the Fitzgerald. We practice up there sometimes, a lot of our conditioning and we lift up there, so it’s kind of like a second home after the Pete. It’s a smaller gym, so it might be a little louder than the Pete, so it could get us fired up if we make a big shot. I’m excited and it’s a throwback game so we’re paying homage to all of the players that came before us. We personally know some of the ladies that have come because they come to the games and they also come to different events that Coach B will have at her house or that the University throws. You kind of get a real sense that we’re doing this for them.”


Post-Game Quotes vs. William & Mary

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