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Nov. 12, 2011

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Pitt 37, Hampton 60
November 12, 2011
Petersen Events Center

Quoting Pitt Head Coach Agnus Berenato

Opening statement:
"Today was a really tough day at the office. I said to my staff, `We haven't had a butt kicking like that in a really long time.' We've played Connecticut and Notre Dame and a lot of really good teams. I think that today our youth really showed, but that is not an excuse because it is what it is and this is what we have. We brought these student athletes there, and we really believe in them. I just think that today they got a dose of reality of what it is really like. I really believe that this will help us in the long run. We'll be back at it in the morning for practice and then practice again on Monday, and then we face another really good NCAA tournament veteran team, Saint Francis."

On the contributions of her players:
"I think that Brianna Kiesel did a really good job. Even though she had eight turnovers, she had the ball in her hand 90 percent of the time and for a freshman that's pretty decent. She was playing against a point-guard who is an honorable mention All-American and was second in the nation last year in assists, but Kiesel held her to only five assists today. You may say, `Yeah, but you lost the game by a lot of points.' That is true, we did, but I am somebody that tries to look for the positives.

I think that Asia Logan and Leeza Burdgess came in off the bench and did a really nice job. They played with tremendous heart. I think until everybody realizes the tempo and the speed and the constant motion of the game then, yes, today would have been a bit of a surprise. It is hard to simulate that in practices when you only have nine players. We just lost another player, TiAnna Porter, on Thursday from another injury. She has a stress fracture in her foot, and we won't see her on the court for about a month and she was definitely going to see a lot of minutes for us. Again, I give Asia credit, however. She had been playing a guard the whole season until Friday, and I told her she was going to be playing at the four and today she played a lot at the four. We just need to get ready. Complements to Hampton, they did a great job and nice job by them. Now we just have to get back to the drawing board."

On the effort she saw today:
"I think that our players don't know exactly what kind of effort we expect from them because they've never played an entire college season before. Normally young players would experience coming in as a substitute and playing a few minutes and even going some games not playing at all, but right now all of our players have to play 20 to 30 minutes since they are all new. As far as effort, though, we've been working really hard and conducting really hard and great practices, and we have worked hard against ourselves. I think that mentally it was really obvious we had a young team today. They would miss a shot and put their head down or a coach would say something to them and because of inexperience and not being seasoned and mature they would take it personally. But that comes with maturity, and you can find that in juniors and seniors. This team, however, does not have the time nor the years to wait for our players to mature and get experience under their belt. We have right now. So I ask them to mature with every play. That is why I use timeouts. Even at the end of our game today you saw me call a timeout, and I did that because I wanted to huddle them up and realize they needed to work on their sideline/out-of-bounds play. I told them how that was a very teachable moment and we were going to work on our sideline/out-of-bounds play and improve in that very moment. We are going to keep teaching and they're going to get familiar with the pace as they play games since we can't simulate that in practice."

On playing so soon after the loss and so many games this week:
"We have practice after practice after practice and these girls beat each other up in practices and are feisty, and it is not always like that in a game. So, we need competition. They need to get used to the lights. I would much rather have back to back games. It would be fine with me if we had a game tomorrow. With a veteran team you would be able to do film and scout, but it's not about that right now. We have to do what is best for us, and right now it is about the speed and tempo of the game that we have to work on. We just need to mature about what people say about missed shots and turnovers, which is not going to come unless they have the chance to do it and gain experience with every game played. But bring it on. We like this team, and we are excited about this team! We just have to keep progressing. We have a great schedule and our going to be playing some NCAA tournament teams right in the beginning because that is who we are going to be playing come January and February. So, we need to go at it now and not sugar coat it."

Quoting Asia Logan, Sophomore Guard

On the pressure they felt on offense and their pace:
"We just really need to relax and run our plays. The points are there, but we were just rushing."

On what was going through their head during the long drought in the first half:
"I was thinking that we need to put points on the board, and also we need to box out and rebound. Hampton out rebounded us and we weren't boxing out. We've put so much emphasis on that and we weren't able to accomplish that today and need to work much harder."

Quoting Brianna Kiesel, Freshman Guard

On the pressure they felt on offense and their pace:
"I would have to say that I would agree with Asia. We rushed in offense and had good looks, but we just had a little bit of trouble knocking down shots. Complements to Hampton, though, because they had a good defense and were able to score on transitions. Like Coach B said, we just have to go back to the drawing board."

On what was going through their head during the long drought in the first half:
"I was thinking how we really just need to do what we know best - get into our plays, get easy baskets and play good defense."


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