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Nov. 15, 2006

Recap |  Box Score

PITTSBURGH - Quoting Pitt Head Coach Agnus Berenato:

Opening Statement:
"We're very happy to be 1-0. We have such a young team that coming in I was a little nervous about how everyone was going to perform. I thought our defensive intensity in the first half was great and really set up our offense so that we could get out and run. I thought we lacked somewhat of a killer instinct in the second half, but that's something that's going to come in time as we continue to develop as a program."

On the key to Pitt's first-half run:
"Our defensive intensity, without a doubt, really opened things up. We had a lot of tips and got our hands on a lot of balls which we transitioned into the fast break. I think a telling thing is how well our bigger players ran tonight, and how we were all able to feed off each other."

On the play of her freshmen:
"Jania [Sims] came here to be a player not to sit on the bench, and I think you could see why in her game tonight. She mixes it up very well and is unique in that she can score in a lot of different ways. Ashleigh Braxton brings a great ability to hit the deep shot, and she's also a terrific and tenacious defender. Selena Nwude is still getting used to the speed of the game at this level, but she's going to be a superstar and you can see flashes of that already."

Quoting Pitt's Marcedes Walker:

On her play tonight:
"I know as the only upper-classman on the court that I had to be a leader. I just wanted to help my team, run the floor hard, get after everything and give the fans a great show."

Quoting Pitt's Jania Sims:

On playing in her first game:
"I wasn't nervous at all going in. I had the support of my coach and my teammates to talk me through some things, but I have confidence in my game. When I'm out on the court I'm not a freshman. I didn't feel any pressure; I was just excited to help my teammates score points"

Quoting Cal Head Coach Darcie Vincent:

Opening Statement:
"Very rarely in coaching is it not about wins and losses, but tonight was one of those times. Getting to play here against Pitt is an experience our team is going to remember for a long time. I thought we competed hard, and did our school and our conference very proud. Except for one bad eight-minute stretch, we played a very good team even."

On her team's chances for success this season:
"It's a terrific compliment and nice to know we've earned the respect of Pitt, but it's a long season. If we're where we want to be in March, then maybe I'll have a better view of the big picture. Right now, we know our skill set is very good, we just need to cut down on the mental mistakes."

On Cal's 28 turnovers:
"When we play our usual up-tempo style, I'll take that many turnovers. But it's somewhat disappointing tonight, because we tried to slow the game down and use up the shot clock. When you turn the ball over that much playing that style, it's going to be tough for you to win."

Quoting Cal's Kim Nowakowski:

On playing against Pitt's Marcedes Walker:
"She's incredibly strong. The experience was great though, it gives me confidence in my game knowing that I went up against one of the best."

Quoting Cal's Lindsay Johnson:

On playing a bigger role in the offense:
"I think I already play defense and rebound pretty well, but I know offense is something I need to work on. I'm always looking to improve any area of my game, though."

Quoting Cal's Laura Montecalvo:

On playing in her first collegiate game:
"It would have been a lot easier if my first game wasn't at Pitt. My biggest problem tonight was my nerves, and once I get rid of those I'm sure I'll be fine."

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