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Nov. 15, 2011

Recap |  Box Score |  Photo Gallery 

Box Score

Pitt 78, St. Francis 50
November 15, 2011
Petersen Events Center

Quoting Pitt Head Coach Agnus Berenato

Opening statement:

“First I want to say thank you to Jim Earle our guest coach.  He was fabulous and I thought his halftime talk in the locker room was so inspirational and so bang on and I think that sometimes people from the outside can say what coaches are trying to say.  I want to introduce Christina Perry and Christina is from Tennessee and we are just so proud and so happy that our paths were able to cross today due to the generosity of some organizers and some people from Bikes for Christ Organization here in Pittsburgh.  We are just so excited to have you (Christina).  As far as the win, we are really proud of our team and we’re proud of all the players.  I thought that it was a fabulous scout first of all.  I thought coach Head did and unbelievable job in the scout of St. Francis.  They had a great game the other night, St. Francis scored 70 points and we scored 37 points (against Hampton), so we were a little nervous.  I think the last couple of days we decided we were going to be patient.  We only had four things we worked on offensively and that’s what we drilled.  I thought Brianna Kiesel did a fabulous job in running our team; she almost had a triple-double.  For a freshman, I though she really played beyond her years. She had a lot of wisdom on the court and she had heart.  I think that this is the Ashlee Anderson that we know.  Leeza (Burdgess) did a great job on the boards.  I’m just really proud.  I can’t tell you how proud I am of my staff and the team because I thought we won every loose ball, every hustle, we busted it on the rebounds. I’m just really proud of the team for this showing tonight.”

On importance of early win with young team:

“I think that is a great question but I think (guest) coach Earle said a great thing in the locker room that maybe youth is a figment of the imagination.  I don’t know that you become seniors just because you have been in school longer than everyone else or you’ve had more classes.  The one thing with youth is that we have enthusiasm, emotion, and we have passion.  We always play with tremendous heart and passion every day and I think that is what this team has to become known for.  We have to be known for our defense and our hard work and our passion.”
Quoting Ashlee Anderson, Sophomore Guard

On importance of taking control of the game:

“You could say it was important but, I was just trying to do things I know I am capable of doing to help the team win.  I got a lot of confidence from my coaching staff and my teammates to just keep pushing.  A lot of my intensity came from my coaching staff and teammates.”

On youthful enthusiasm of team:

“I would say it is a lot of fun because when you turn the ball over there is a lot of emphasis on learning how to do the next thing correctly.  If it was with an older team, we might get pulled or something like that. Now they help us learn through our mistakes and that is going to help us in our later games and we will be able to learn from each other.  I’m still learning a lot about the game myself on a collegiate level.  I have fun learning every day and getting better as a team every day.”

Quoting Brianna Kiesel, Freshman Guard

On transition from high school to college play:

“From high school to college is very different.  The transition was huge.  I have to go learn every game, like after games I have to review film so I can get better.  And just being young right out of high school is a little tough at times, but I think I’m doing a little bit better to keep up with everyone.  Plus we have Ashlee (Anderson) who is a leader on the team and also everyone else who has been here longer. Also, the coaches are helping me get through a lot.”

On youthful enthusiasm of team:

“Yes, it’s fun because when one of us makes a mistake, we all make the same mistake.  We grow as a team.”


Post-Game Quotes

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