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Nov. 26, 2011

Recap |  Box Score

Pitt 50, Drexel 71
November 26, 2011
Petersen Events Center

Quoting Pitt Head Coach Agnus Berenato

Opening statement:

 "I want to introduce my Guest Coach, Judge Debbie O'Dell Seneca. I'm really excited that she would take time out of her schedule to come and spend it with us. Our guest coaching program is amazing, and to have somebody of her stature here with us at the game is pretty cool. I want to complement Drexel, they did a great job. I was just talking to Denise Dillon outside and told her that she has a really good team. She agreed and said the only difference is that we made shots today. I agreed with her. When you make shots it makes all the difference and their player (senior) Kamile Nacickaite is really great. A couple of positives for me were that Marquel Davis stayed within her range today and I was really proud of her.

Also, Chyna Golden, who is just a freshman, had 14 rebounds, and I think that any time you can have a freshman get 14 rebounds that truly is amazing. We've been trying to get Chyna to be more aggressive and rebound, and she did a great job. We were out-rebounded in the first half, but we stressed to the girls to hit the boards and broke out in the second half which allowed us to out-rebound them overall. Another thing is that we have been averaging 22.5 turnovers per game and I think that is the highest it has ever been in my career, but that is going to happen with a young team like ours and we improved today by bringing it down to 14 turnovers. So again, I think that right until the very end we fought hard, and I'll be honest with you, I don't think our team quit. I don't think we gave up, so I am very proud of the team for that."

On Drexel's production in the paint:

"What was happening was they were doing a lot of slips, and we were really focused on their shooters, Hollie Mershon and Kamile Nacickaite, playing man-to-man defense. Then, when we switched to zone defense, we had a hard time adjusting. Our posts were out and everyone was still focused on their shooters, then the next thing you know someone slips by and gets a layup. I have to see the film to really analyze what was going on, but I was really impressed with Leeza Burdgess because she got some boards as a post even though their guards would be the ones to drive in and try to score. We tried to take her out and have one of our guards defend their shooting guards, but Leeza told me she was ready to play and we've never seen that from her. I was really impressed by her hunger, so we put her back in. With me, it's all about your presence, and these girls have to be willing to learn and feel like they can play against our opponents. So, I was really impressed with that."

Quoting Marquel Davis, Sophomore Guard

On the difference in Drexel compared to earlier opponents:

"Drexel was very fundamental. They knew what cut to make, when to make it and how to get around the box out. They were very different from the past two teams we played because they took their time, and that helped them get more of their shots knocked down."

On Pitt's communication in the first half:

"The confusion came from our communication because everyone could not hear what set was (being) called. At times, all of the guards were on one page and the posts on another, so it was just a lack of communication. Instead of getting together and already knowing what we were going to run, we would wait until mid-play to see what was going on."

Post-Game Quotes

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