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Nov. 28, 2010


Pitt vs. Loyola
November 28, 2010

 Quoting senior Shayla Scott:

On redemption as team from last game:

"I think from our Duke lost this was a saving game for us and definitely for the seniors, we don't want losses like that, you don't want losses and definitely a loss like Duke is tough so I think it was important for us to come out with some energy and some emotion, Coach B was always saying play with emotion and I think it all helps us when we're all scoring and contributing whether its Chelsea  getting double -double or whatever it may be so it's nice to have a good balance."

On making shots:

"I think it comes from practice, just being confident, shooting the ball and being relaxed and letting shots come to you, I know sometimes when I play sometimes I like to force things and you know just letting the game calm letting the shots come and being relaxed."

Quoting senior Chelsea Cole:

On coming out with more intensity this game after Duke loss:

"Right, we really wanted to come out with more intensity because we didn't want to let that hurt our confidence so we went into practice, back to the drawing board worked on what we needed to do and wanted to come out harder today."

On the 5 players from last year:

"Right, that's what we're gonna need this year especially with the big age difference, so we got to get it done in the beginning so the young kids can get in."

 Quoting Coach Berenato

On play inside- rebounds:

"At one point I know it was 22-11 at halftime, the rebounding margin. I was disappointed because that's one thing we wanted to do was out-rebound this team. We talked about that, we had a goal, and we did not reach that number. But I think in the second half, that we did a great job of forcing them into turnovers. There weren't many defensive rebounds for us to get. Now offensively, we didn't get offensive rebounds (like we should have). They got defensive rebounds, but we did a great job of forcing them into turnovers. It was 14 turnovers to two. And that's why we weren't getting defensive rebounds, because they weren't getting shots. We were not turning the ball over in the open court and I was happy with that."

On shootaround- complete game in the second half:

"Our goal is that we would outscore our first half. We scored 39 in the first half and only 34 in the second. So we didn't reach that goal, that would mean we'd have to have scored 40. Then again I made the decision to make a lot of substitutions and I'm really happy that we did that as nine of our 11 kids played double digit minutes, and when you do that, you have to give up something. And what we gave up, we gave up on the scoring end, but I think that the second half was a little better than the first half."

On all five seniors in double figures"

"I'm really happy about that, I mean I thought that it was important for us to go ahead and set the tone early on. I think sometimes when you play a team, in the beginning it felt like gosh we couldn't put them away. You know they just hung around, and hung around, and I think they did a really nice job. We would hold them defensively for 29 seconds and then they would take a shot, and they'd get the rebound, and then we'd have to hold them for 30 more seconds so I was a little disappointed that they took 32 shots in the first half we took 30. I said kids we are shooting 60 percent and we have to get more shots. Now it ended up we got 55, they still got 4 more than us, but our percentage was excellent. When you can shoot 58 percent you just have to cut your turnovers down to allow you an opportunity to get more shots."




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