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Dec. 7, 2011

Recap |  Box Score

December 7th, 2011 Petersen Events Center, Pittsburgh, PA
Georgetown 82, Pitt 54

Quoting Pitt Head Coach Agnus Berenato

Opening statement:

“(I give) compliments to Georgetown. I thought they came out and just shot the lights out. They are shooting 32 percent for the year and they shot 48 percent (tonight) from three. I can’t remember the last time we shot 17 percent in a half and seven percent from three. But I try to be really positive. First of all, I’m really proud of our team that we didn’t quit. Secondly, I’d like to thank Patty Beeson for being here, our provost. I think a highlight is that we’re averaging 50 percent from the free-throw line and we shot 79.2 percent. That’s huge for us to be able to shoot 19 for 24 and then we really wanted to out-rebound them. Georgetown out-rebounds everyone, they’re rebounding machines. Sometimes I think that their offense starts with their shot because some of their shots are so incredible; they will literally throw it up from anywhere and today they went in. We’ve watched every one of their films and they have not done that. Obviously, we played a lot of our youth. Leeza got a starting spot and I was so excited for her as a first time starter. She got a starting spot because she has worked so hard in the last couple weeks. Leeza made us put her in the starting lineup. Asia has been really versatile for us, almost like a utility player. Tonight, we needed her quickness at the four and she was like, “no problem”. I thought she went in and did a great job, 15 points and five rebounds.”

On the pressure Georgetown was applying:

“I thought their pressure had a lot to do with our shooting. They’re a really good team and a top-20 team for a reason. I thought they cost us a lot of turnovers but I thought we did much better in the second half. I thought we settled down in the second half. In the second half we shot 38percent and if we would’ve shot 38 percent for the game, it probably would’ve been a little different story. But to me, I think it had a lot more to do with them than it did with us. I do feel like we got a lot of open shots but there were a tremendous amount of shots that were contested and we didn’t take great shots when they were contested. 

On looking back on this game later on in the season:

“Honestly, I think we have a really hard schedule so I think we can use any game as experience. I don’t ever have an easy schedule. It’s not how I operate and I don’t think that’s how it is in life. I think if you want something then you have to go get it and if it were easy, everyone would do it. The problem right now for us is that we’re so inexperienced. Georgetown started two seniors, two juniors, and a sophomore and my kids won’t be experienced until they’re juniors and seniors. Just because we play eight games and each kid plays 18 minutes per game doesn’t make them experienced. It takes years. For the freshman, they aren’t even adjusted to the rigors of college.

They haven’t even gone through their first semester at Pitt yet and it doesn’t get any easier. We have Valparaiso and then we go and play Indiana and Michigan State, who is ranked, and then you all know what the Big East is like. But at the same time, if we’re going to play and we’re going to take it on the chin, I want my student-athletes to play against the best and not have any false perceptions of what it’s like. We have a goal that one day we want to win and win big. This crew, when they’re juniors and seniors can do it, but they can’t do it if we go 10-0 and then play in the Big East. As long as they learn and believe it then I’m okay with it. I believe in our system and what we’re doing. It’s just that they’re young and they’re going to get pounded but they can’t lose the faith.”

Quoting Pitt center Leeza Burdgess:

On 10 minute stretch without scoring:
“Going that long of a time without getting a score is tough.  We were getting stops and finally getting our defense together. It’s a little disappointing when the shots you are getting together aren’t falling, but they were open shots and they were good shots.  We just had to sit there and focus and not get down on ourselves.  Don’t say ‘I’m not shooting anymore.’  Just keep attacking.  This is our home and our shots will fall.  We will get the baskets we need.  We did better in the second half with actually executing and getting our shots off.”

Quoting Georgetown’s head coach Terri Williams-Flournoy:

Opening statement:

“I thought our team played exceptionally well.  For us to score 82 points on 20 assists, that’s a good offensive night for us.  We actually did a good job defensively although, we did put them on the line 26 times and gave them 21 points at the free throw line and that’s something we shouldn’t have done and we have to work on.”

On aggressive defensive play:

“We forced them (Pitt) into 24 turnovers and we are one of the only teams in the country to press the entire game.  Other teams say that they press the entire game, but we do it for all 40 minutes.  That is our style of play and we like it.”

Quoting Georgetown guard Sugar Rodgers:

On her style of play:

“We like to go to the basket and play hard.  We weren’t surprised by how many layups we got because, we are a team that runs a lot and in turn we get our layups from running.”

Post-Game Quotes vs Georgetown

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