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Dec. 10, 2011

Recap |  Box Score |  Notes

December 10, 2011 Petersen Events Center, Pittsburgh, PA
Pitt 65, Valparaiso 56

Quoting Agnus Berenato

Opening Statement

“I am really happy we got the win. We fought hard. It wasn’t pretty. We have to learn how to win and how to win in close situations. Valparaiso came into (the game) aggressive and we responded to them every single time. There was never a big run or a big lead.

“I want to thank Larry Richert from KDKA for being our guest coach today. It was awesome to have him. He is now 2-0 and will not let us forget that. He might have to travel to Cancun with us. 

“We had zero free throws in the first half. We ended up 11-for-19 (at the charity stripe). That is where we won the game. We were aggressive in going to the (basket) and attacking against (Valparaiso’s) defense. Kyra (Dunn) played well with a double-double and three blocks. She also changed a lot of shots that don’t show in the stat sheet. Additionally, this is Marquel (Davis’) ‘welcome back’ game after leaving with a concussion. I’m proud that she was aggressive. Defensively and offensively she took over.”

On the scoring drought in the first four minutes of the second half:

“I called a timeout because I was upset. I attribute (the drought) to a lack of focus and intensity.  We had a goal to do better when we came out of the locker room. I’m not sure if the (team) thinks (goals) will happen by writing them on the board or someone saying them. (The team) has to realize it is a 40 minute game. We have those four minutes where we didn’t score. If we score it is a different ball game for both teams the next 16 minutes.”

On the team’s defense playing well:

“I think our defense means everything to us. We work on traps, head-to-head, up the line, on the line, help-side, man-to-man and zone. We have to work on defense all the time. We have to do it consistently. Every day we have to get better. We had a tremendous amount of stops, but I don’t think we capitalized on them. We were hesitant and were not confident. We weren’t as aggressive on the offensive end as we were on the defensive end.”

On boxing out:

“We got 31 points from our posts today. We have to have those points to help the guards. The guards can’t carry the load. This past week we (emphasized) boxing out.”

Quoting Kyra Dunn, sophomore forward

On posting a double-double:

“I’ve had talks with the coaches about being more of an offensive player. I came out aggressive and was looking for my shot. This is probably the most shots I’ve taken all year. (On the defensive side), we had signs posted all of the facility that said ‘box out.’ That helped everyone to crash the boards.”

On the scoring drought early in the second half:

“One of the points in the timeout that was emphasized was playing with heart. Coach Coyle noted that we were trying too hard and not playing our game. Once we relaxed the game came to us. We were able to capitalize and finish shots to do what we were used to doing.”

Quoting Marquel Davis

On coming back ...

“I’ve been working hard to come back. I had to relax and let the game come to me.  I was more confident coming into today’s game than I was after going out with a concussion (after the Drexel game). I was prepared because

Post-Game Quotes

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