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Jan. 30, 2014

Quoting Head Coach Suzie McConnell-Serio:

Opening Statement:

“I am very, very proud of this team. They pulled it out, I think, when we continued to have chances. We would cut it to three and then we’d give up a three or a three-point play, and every time we made a mistake, Boston College capitalized. I’m so proud of our players that they continued to fight, they continued to believe, and they continued to make plays. I think more importantly than what happened on the offensive end is the defensive effort for most of this game. The players executed the defensive game plan. I’ve seen Boston College play so many times and they’ve picked teams apart with their motion, with back-doors, and with threes. When we stayed home, when we kept people in front of us, when we did what we needed to do—we made plays.

Our players just continue to believe in each other, they continue to fight, they continue to work hard, and finally it has paid off. I’m so happy for our fans at home; they finally had a chance to see our team win a conference game. A great win. Brianna Kiesel comes into every game and teams key on her. They key on her and they key on her, and she finds ways throughout the course of the game. She’s patient, she passes the ball, and she does what she needs to do on the defensive end. She picks her moments, and none bigger than tonight when she hit the game-winner. When they keyed on her (Brianna Kiesel), Asia Logan had the opportunity to step up and have a tremendous game tonight. Asia can probably tell you that I’ve probably been harder on her than anyone else, trying to keep her to keep things simple, to make good decisions, stay under control, and I saw Asia Logan play her best basketball game tonight. These two (Brianna Kiesel and Asia Logan) were a great tandem, and why we won this basketball game tonight was largely in part by these two, but the contributions that we got from their teammates as well. Chelsea Welch off the bench, Lo-Briggs (Loliya Briggs) taking that charge, Marquel (Davis) with a great offensive rebound put-back; I mean could go down the line. Every player made plays. Ashley Anderson hitting shots. It was just a great team effort and I couldn’t be more proud.”

On what changed down the stretch for Pitt:

“Honestly, hitting shots. Not settling for the three-point shot. Liked I talked about, Brianna Kiesel just running a set. Getting her on the move, their guards started keying on her and it opened up the high post to Asia (Logan), and Asia was able to hit shots, she was able to get to the free throw line, and then other players were stepping up. We became stagnant at times, and obviously, turned the ball over. They (Boston College) would get scoring opportunities. Like I said, we’d cut it to three, then we went down and gave them a three point play. This team (Boston College) was so talented. Coming in, we knew we couldn’t play a zone against them because of the way they shoot the basketball. Our players continued to dig deep and they continued to fight, and with every stop and then every score you could see the confidence and the energy on the offensive end that we need to play with for forty minutes instead of the last five minutes of the game—playing with a little energy on the offensive end. The fear when that shot went in (Brianna Kiesel GW) was that we would give up a layup on the other end because everybody was so excited after the basket went in, but they called a timeout and we got a stop, thankfully, because if that ball would have gone in for the last shot of the game, I would have been devastated for these players.”

On her timeout with 16 seconds remaining, tied at 65 with the ball:

“I just wanted to make them think. If they would have gone to a man-to-man—because obviously, when you call a timeout, they have a chance of changing their defense—our go-to play would be with the ball in her hands, and it would have been a flat ball screen with her going off of Asia’s (Logan) screen in the middle of the floor and then her (Brianna Kiesel) going to work. Either way, she was getting a screen, man or zone, she was getting a screen to make the decision of to take the shot or if she knew where her shooters would be. It was really to get our team settled down, get the ball in bounds, and make sure that they know exactly where we’re going. We had two timeouts, so even if we couldn’t get the ball in bounds, we would have another timeout to burn.”

Quoting junior guard Brianna Kiesel:

On the focus of this week’s practices:

“We really focused hard on our defense this week in practice. I thought our game-plan defensively was really good. That last play was coach’s call and I knew I would have the ball in my hands. I have been 0-for in game-winners, so for her to still have that confidence in me gave me confidence. It was just a big win for us as a team. It feels good to have a lot of monkeys off our back.”

On what has keyed their shooting successes recently:

“Oh, yeah, seeing the ball go through a couple of times definetly helps a lot. We have all been putting up a lot of shots this week, trying to improve and it really shows. The stat-lines across the board show that we have been putting in work. Once we hit that first or second shot, they all start falling for us, although it can go the other way too, you miss a couple and they all start missing.”


Quoting senior forward Asia Logan:

On what made this game a success for her:

“During this week of practice, one of the assistant coaches took me and made me get up a lot of shots, watch film, analyze my jump-shot. When I was open, my teammates found me and I was able to knock most of them down. It was a team effort out there, but it was nice to hit a few shots.”

Pitt vs. Boston College Post Games Quotes

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