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Dec. 16, 2012

Rider at Pitt, December 16, 2012
Petersen Events Center, Pittsburgh Pa.
Rider 65, Pitt 48

Quoting Sophomore Guard Brianna Kiesel

On how this loss affects her:
“I mean, it’s a pretty tough loss. We came out a little stagnant. Practice has been a little stagnant, but that’s not excuse. They are a good team; compliments to them, as Coach B. said. It’s tough. It’s a tough one for us.”

On Asia’s buzzer beater at the half:
“Going into half-time we were definitely excited. It was 24-22 going in. We were excited. We looked at everything and said, you know what, we didn’t play too hot the first half, but we’re going to come out for the second half and do it. We just came up a little short.”

On her role on the court:
“As a point guard, I’m the one who makes the calls. I usually know what defenses we’re in. You know, I just try to get everybody hype and excited. I just came up short myself. I had four turnovers which was probably really big. I know I had one turnover when we were down by eight and I guess I didn’t dribble. I got a travel call when I probably could have gotten a lay-up. That would have put it at six. I think I should have stepped my game up too.”

On how this loss affects her for Thursday’s game:
“Every game is a big game. I’m hungry every game. I’m going to take this loss, look at it and watch film, see what we can do differently, and go into Mount Saint Mary’s ready to win.”

Quoting head coach Agnus Berenato

Opening comments:
“I want to thank Mike Clark, Channel 4 Action News, our guest coach. We really appreciate him being here. He was 2-0 and thought he was going to bring us some luck, but we’ll get you one next year, Mike Clark. You know, I’m just really at a loss. Today’s a really disappointing loss for us, really disappointing loss. I just felt that we never got fired up on all cylinders. I thought that the beginning of the game we came out in the first couple of possessions, but I thought then we went stagnant. Once we went stagnant and missed a shot, it became contagious. I thought we were very tentative. We never really got into the groove or the psyche of playing just confident-playing basketball. When we got behind, I think that again we kind of went back to a philosophy of playing almost not to lose instead of playing to win. That has to stop. I take responsibility for the team. I thought they were very stagnant, and I thought we had two stagnant practices. After exams, everyone was fried. That’s the sign of a very young team. Somewhere along the line, somebody has to step up. I thought that Bri (Brianna Kiesel) tried to step up. She had 17 points. I think she did a really good job for us. I thought at times Asia (Logan) did a good job. She had a double-double, but I thought she forced some things that were pretty costly to us. We really didn’t get any productivity. Our field goals from the post were very critical to us. Compliments to Rider. I think that Rider did a really good job.”

On a shot from freshman guard Taylor Wentzel at a close point in the game:
“I thought that was huge. When she made that shot, I felt that it was kind of like the shot that broke the camel’s back. She completed that one in, and we gave that up. It’s kind of how it went the whole afternoon.”

On the impact of senior forward/center Caitlin Bopp on Rider’s dominance of the paint:
“I think she did a great job. She’s big, and I think she used her body really well. She didn’t really score in essence. She was 3-11, she had 13 boards and she had seven points. She did a really good job. I thought she was really huge for them in the second half.”

On how the assist-turnover ratio needs to improve:
“We had 17 turnovers and seven assists. At one point, I just said, ‘What are we doing?’ We had great stops. We were stopping them, and we were giving the ball right back to them. We had really good stops, and then, whether it was a steal, fumble, picking the ball up, we made a crazy turnover. I didn’t understand. It’s extremely frustrating for me at this point. We had balls that went through a couple of people’s hands. It’s very frustrating. Tomorrow we’ll have practice. It’ll be an instructive practice. We’ll start getting prepared for Mount St. Mary’s.”




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