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Wickman enters her sophomore year at Pitt.

Sept. 12, 2012

What made you decide to come to Pitt?

It was a perfect fit for me both academically and athletically and I like the location of the school in the city (it wasn't too far away from home). I also love the girls on my team and the coaches. Finally, the team had a spot for both my twin sister and I. We had dreamed of playing for the same school one day and Pitt had two spots open for us on the team.

Did you or your twin sister, Amanda, consider going to different colleges?

Going to different schools was never an option for me and Amanda. We told coaches that were recruiting us that we were a package deal. We have been best friends and a doubles team ever since we were young and we knew we didn't want to be separated just yet.

I know that your oldest sister Ally played tennis at Syracuse for a year. Did you consider following in her footsteps?

Ally actually played college tennis for two years, one at Syracuse and one at Michigan State. She stopped playing because the coaching staff changed at MSU. Ally was guaranteed a scholarship with the old coach and when the new coach came in it had changed. I am planning on playing all four years at Pitt without a doubt. I love playing with my team and representing the University of Pittsburgh.

What do you miss most about your hometown in Michigan?

I miss my close knit community, and my friends and family that live there. Also I miss being able to go to my lake house on Lake Michigan.

How often are you able to see you parents and your dog, Wrigley, during the school year?

My parents have always been very supportive with my tennis career and they try to make it to as many matches as they can during the year. I rarely get to go home other than on breaks, but we are able to see them when they come and visit.

What is your favorite thing about the city of Pittsburgh?

My favorite thing about Pittsburgh is how everyone is very supportive and excited about sports.

What is your favorite sport (other than tennis) at Pitt?

I like all sports but I'm a huge Pitt basketball fan.

Where are we most likely to find you hanging out on campus?

You can find me hanging out in the Peterson Events Center or the Library.

Where is your favorite place to eat in Pittsburgh?

I love eating at Pamela's Diner.

What do you think is the most beautiful spot on campus?

I think the view from the top of the Peterson Events Center is beautiful of our campus, especially the Cathedral of Learning.

Catching Up With Molly Wickman

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