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Wickman was last season's co-MVP.

Sept. 19, 2012

After a full year at Pitt, what stands out most to you?

The never ending Bomb Threats stand out the most to me.

Do you have a memorable moment from last season?

I would say my most memorable moment was my singles match against Duquesne. I had been sick the whole week and I went out and played with a 101-degree fever. I was the last match on and it was tied with a 3-3 overall score. I ended up winning my match in a third set to win it 4-3 for the team. It was a big win for us because we had lost to them the year before and we also share a facility.

What other colleges were you considering?

I was looking at Colorado State, Missouri, Michigan State, Temple, TCU and Marquette.

What was the deciding factor(s) that made you choose Pitt?

I love my teammates and coaches at Pitt; they are awesome in comparison to any of the other schools I visited. It is also a great academic school and not too far from home (only about six hours away). Also, it is fun to be close to a big city and the campus is beautiful.

What is it like going to the same college and playing on the same team as your twin sister, Molly?

I am very glad we decided to go to the same college because it is nice to always have someone there for you. We have been on the same team and have been doubles partners ever since I can remember. We are always very competitive with each other when it comes to tennis and school, but I think it helps us push each other to get better.

Are your teammates and friends able to tell you and Molly apart yet?

At first people are always like “you guys look identical and I will never be able to tell you guys apart”. But once my good friends and teammates got to know us they discovered that we are completely different. They now say we don’t look anything alike and we have different personalities.

Where do you like to study on campus?

Last year as a freshman, I liked to study in my room or in the Sutherland Hall study lounges. If I was really trying to get work done, however, I would go to the Hillman Library or sit right outside the study center in the Peterson Events Center.

As you prepare to declare your major, how have you handled balancing academics and tennis?

Balancing tennis and academics has been something I have had to do my whole life because I use to travel around the country every weekend for tournaments when I was in high school. College is definitely a lot harder than high school (academically) so I had to prepare myself for that. I am trying to get into the business school still and I plan on applying for the College of Business this upcoming spring semester. I plan on getting accepted and if I do I want to major in Finance.

Where is your favorite place to shop in Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh has good shopping all over but my favorite place to go is the Southside Works. They have Urban Outfitters, H&M and Forever 21.

What is the biggest difference between Grand Rapids, Mich., and Pittsburgh, Pa.?

Grand Rapids has more of a suburban lifestyle and Pitt has more of a big city lifestyle. East Grand Rapids is a small town where everyone knows each other. Also, Grand Rapids definitely doesn’t have as many steep hills as Pitt.

Catching Up With Amanda Wickman

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