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2012 AVCA All-American

May 29, 2013

PITTSBURGH - Pitt volleyball’s AVCA All-America honorable mention graduate Kiesha Leggs has concluded her first year of professional volleyball in Italy. caught up with Leggs to recap her first year of playing for Château d'Ax Urbino Volleyball Club.

How did your experience at Pitt prepare you for volleyball at a professional level?

Having the experience of being a student-athlete helped me manage my time and get through the day.  My schedule in Italy is similar to one of a student-athlete, minus class.  Physically, I was prepared for some pretty intense training. The strength and conditioning program at Pitt definitely prepared me for the worst, so I felt like I could keep up with the other girls on the team as soon as I got there.

Do you plan on returning to Europe to play next season?

Yes. After a pretty up and down season, I am excited to see where this team goes next year. We struggled a lot in the beginning of the year, but then after a coaching change during season my team really gelled together and we started winning a lot. I was also really happy that I made my way into the starting lineup my first year of professional play.

What is your favorite thing about living in Italy?

The food! The only words I could say when I first got there were gelato and pizza. I took full advantage of those two words. Also, my teammates are amazing cooks. Most of them are from different parts of Europe, so everyone can bring something different to the dinner table.

Would you recommend playing professionally to those with the opportunity to do so?

Definitely.  Even if being overseas doesn’t sound like your type of thing, I would urge you to at least sign a one year contract just to try it out. I have done so much since I’ve graduated from Pitt just one year ago because of my decision to play professionally. 

Kiesha Leggs Recaps Year One of Professional Volleyball

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