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Sports Medicine

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The mission of the Sports Medicine/Athletic Training staff at the University of Pittsburgh is to provide the highest quality of healthcare to our student-athlete population. This is accomplished through our direct involvement and daily care as well as our unique relationship with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and it's many available resources.

Through the development of the Performance Team, a multidisciplinary approach including Certified Athletic Trainers, Team Physicians, Nutritionists, Certified Strength Coaches, Sports Psychologists, and various other medical professionals, we are able to provide and consistently maintain a high level of service regardless of sport, gender, or degree of ability.

In addition to prevention, recognition, immediate care, treatment, and rehabilitation of physical injuries and illnesses, we also make certain that our student-athletes are provided with the proper direction in all areas of mental well-being.

Due to the clinical nature of the staff and athletic training student's positions, it is expected that all staff and students will conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner. Unprofessional and unethical behavior will not be tolerated and will be dealt with by the administrative staff. Anyone who brings disgrace or undue embarrassment to the Sports Medicine/Athletic Training Department and/or the University may be dismissed from the program.

- Maintain communication (open lines and respectful)
- Demonstrate confidence
- Maintain positive attitude/cooperative
- Demonstrate strong work ethic/assertiveness
- Avoid sexual misconduct (dating/cliques)
- Develop habits to remain competent and current
- Attain personal mastery of medical knowledge and athletic training skills through honest effort
- Relate to peers and staff in a spirit of collaboration and mutual respect
- Recognize and honor privileged information from athletes, peers, and staff
- Relate to athletes and their families with compassion, truthfulness and respect for their experience and dignity
- Conduct themselves in accordance with University of Pittsburgh policies

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