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 Ticket Transfers: Instructional Guide
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This season ticket benefit allows Pitt fans to electronically send their tickets to another fan of their choosing. The recipient will get an email notifying them of the transfer. Tickets will be received immediately and are available to be printed on-demand. It's that easy!


Transferring unused tickets to family and friends is now easier than ever. Eliminate the need to meet face-to-face or stand in will call lines before the game to drop off or pick up extra tickets. Simply access your account online and transfer your ticket to a friend. The recipient will get an email notifying them of the transfer. Tickets will be received immediately and are available to be printed on-demand. It's that easy!


1.) Access your Ticket Account at
2.) Click "Transfer Tickets"
3.) Select game to transfer
4.) Fill in complete transfer details/credit card information
5.) Select if you or the recipient will be paying the $4.00 charge. "Click "Submit" and sign out. The recipient will be sent email notification of the transfer and instantly received the tickets, which can be printed on-demand.


How do I transfer a ticket?
1.) Sign in to your online ticket account.
2.) Once signed in, click Manage My Account located near the top of the screen.
3.) Select the Transfer Tickets option.
4.) Click the Transfer link below the game you wish to transfer.
5.) Check each box for each individual seat you wish to transfer and enter the recipient's contact information (case sensitive). You will be asked to confirm your request on the following page.
6.) Then select if you or the recipient will be paying the $4.00 charge. If you will be paying the charge, add your credit card information. If the recipient will be paying the charge, simply select "Recipient" and then "Submit." Click the "Sign Out" button to complete the transfer.
7.) Wait for the recipient to claim the tickets; they have 72 hours to accept the transfer. You will receive an email notice once the tickets are accepted, rejected, or unclaimed. Once the transfer is accepted, the season ticket holder should destroy the original tickets as their barcode has been deactivated.

How do I accept a transferred ticket?
1.) Transfer recipients receive an email that includes a link to accept the transfer. The subject line of the email will read "Ticket Transfer Invitation." Open your email program, find the email and click on the link.
2.) Enter your email address in the appropriate field and click the "Accept" button.
3.) Sign in to your ticket account using your email address and password, or click the "register here" link if you have never used the online ticketing system.
4.) There is a $4.00 fee associated with this transfer. If it is not paid by the sender, you will be required to pay this fee to proceed. If so, enter a valid credit card and click "Check Out"
5.) You will then receive an email containing your transferred ticket attached to it in the form of a "Print-at-Home" PDF document. Open the email and print out the ticket.

When can I transfer a ticket?
Season ticket holders can transfer a ticket up to 4 hours prior to game time. The entire transfer (offer and acceptance) must be completed 4 hours prior to game time.

Any special notes to remember?
1.) A ticket can only be transferred one time. Transferred tickets cannot be transferred again.
2.) The free Adobe Reader version 4.0 or greater is required to open the transferred ticket attachment.
3.) The deadline to accept and complete a transfer is 4 hours prior to kickoff on game day.
4.) Due to NCAA rules, Pitt season ticket holders, alumni, boosters and fans are not permitted to transfer their tickets to anyone of prospect age (grades 9-12) unless immediate family.
800-643-PITT (7488) or 412-648-PITT (7488)
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm
Located in the Petersen Events Center lobby


1.) Simplify the transfer of tickets to friends on short notice.
2.) Receive transferred tickets instantly by print-at-home delivery.
3.) Support the team by filling the venue.

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