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National Mascot Competition

The Pitt Panther but better known as ROC has now been alive for over 100 years. He is a formidable addition to any athletic event at Pitt. Whether it is football, basketball, or an olympic sport there is always a chance that you will run into the beloved mascot. Most recently ROC was awarded 'All-American' status as well as being named the 2010 'Most Collegiate Mascot' at NCA's Collegiate Mascot Camp. This award is given to the mascot that showed the most school spirit and was most enthusiastic throughout their time at camp. ROC has also been active in the community as of late. Whether it is charity events, community functions, parades, birthday parties, and even weddings, ROC brings his Blue and Gold pride to share with all. Like ROC on Facebook by clicking the following link Facebook or follow him on Twitter "@Roc_1787".

UPDATE: Most recently, Roc competed in the National Cheerleading Championships with our Cheer Team and brought home top ten finish in Division IA Small Coed.

The Panther (Felis concolor) was adopted as the University of Pittsburgh's mascot at a meeting of students and alumni in the autumn of 1909. According to George M. P. Baird, '09, who made the suggestion, it was chosen for the following reasons:

  • The Panther was the most formidable creature once indigenous to the Pittsburgh region.
  • It had ancient, heraldic standing as a noble animal.
  • The happy accident of alliteration.
  • The close approximation of its hue to the old gold of the University's colors (old gold and blue), hence its easy adaptability in decoration.
  • The fact that no other college or university then employed it as a symbol.

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