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Theresa Nuzzo

Nuzzo The Pitt Cheerleaders and Dance Team have been coached for the past 31 years by Theresa Nuzzo. She is one of the founders of Elite Cheerleading Inc., the Original Private Cheer Camp Company in the United States. Elite instructs thousands of cheerleaders annually in a forty state area. It also administers the Pennsylvania Cheerleading and Dance ChampionshipsTM, Battle in the Burgh National ChampionshipsTM and various other cheer and dance events. Under her direction the University of Pittsburgh Cheer and Dance Teams compete annually at the National Collegiate Cheerleading and Dance Championships in Daytona Beach, Florida, where they have achieved several top ten finishes.

The Pitt Cheerleaders and Dance Team have established a reputation as two of the elite squads in the nation. In addition to their performances at various athletic events, the Cheerleaders and Dance Team are active throughout the Pittsburgh community and neighboring states at charitable events, parades, and other special events. The squads also generate vocal support and significant enthusiasm from the Oakland Zoo, the university's notorious student cheering section.

Pitt Cheerleaders

Since 1990, the Pitt Cheerleaders have won several National Championships, including three straight from 1992-1994. In 1994, they captured the prestigious Universal Cheerleaders Association College Cheerleading Championship held title in San Diego, California. The Cheerleaders have enjoyed strong finishes at the National Collegiate Cheerleading Championships, most recently placing amongst the top ten teams in the country in Division IA Small Coed. Other top finishes include a tenth place finish in 2005, fourth place in 2004, and sixth place in 2003, seventh in 2002 and fifth in 2000.

UPDATE: Once again our Cheerleaders placed in the top ten at the Collegiate Cheerleading and Dance National Championships held annually in Daytona Beach, Florida.

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Pitt Dance Team

In previous competitions, the University of Pittsburgh Dance Team has placed amongst the top 20 Dance Teams in the country, including a fifth-place finish in 1998 at the National Collegiate Cheerleading and Dance Championships held annually in Daytona Beach, Florida. Most recently, April 2014, finished eleventh in the Open Dance Division 1A.

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